10 Shocking Facts about Meat Consumption in America

You’ve heard the terms before: pescatarian, seagan, flexitarian, etc. Many people cut out certain varieties or quantities of meat from their diet as part of their new weight loss program or because of the latest health craze. But we don’t often think about how over-consuming meat isn’t just bad for our personal health—it’s bad for the health of the planet. That’s why Brian Kateman has kick started the Reducetarian movement. He knows that cutting out just a little meat is beneficial for you, your family, and the whole planet.

Here are 10 shocking facts about the meat industry that may give you second thoughts about ordering that next burger.

  • Every minute, the land equivalent of 7 football fields is cleared to make room for animal agriculture.
  • 136,000,000 acres of rainforest has been cleared for animal agriculture.
  • American animals raised for meat consume over 30 million pounds of antibiotics each year.
  • A pound of beef requires over 10x more water to produce than a pound of wheat.
  • Livestock and their byproducts account for 18 percent of annual worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Nationwide, about 130 times more animal waste is produced than human waste.
  • Transitioning to more plant-based diets could reduce the global mortality rate by up to 10%.
  • Producing one pound of beef requires over 1800 gallons of water.
  • Producing one burger has the same carbon footprint as driving for 320 miles.
  • The average meat eater consumes 7000 animals in their lifetime.

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These facts were pulled from THE REDUCETARIAN SOLUTION by Brian Kateman available through these retailers :

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