3 Tips to Help You Find Some Me Time

“Treat yourself.” An anthem we would all do well to get behind every now and again, but many of us don’t root for ourselves as much as we should. We spend so much time and energy devoting ourselves to our careers, friends and family, and various responsibilities that we forget to take care of ourselves. The good news is you don’t have to spend much money or even much time to take a moment to focus on the most important person in your life: you.

  • Be a tacky tourist. You’ve lived in your big city, small town, medium sized apartment complex for years, at this point you’ve probably under-appreciated the things your town and city has to offer. So instead of spending big bucks on a far-away trip, take a vacation in your own home town and do all the things the visiting tourists do: visit the museum you still haven’t managed to walk down the street to, eat at the famous restaurant you have to make a reservation for, take unnecessary photos to commemorate a day all for you! By becoming a part of your city again you establish that closer connection to it and makes home feel a little more special.
  • Create a dream statement for life. You have your virtual online Pinterest board, now evolve that into real life and create actual vision board. Have a board at home that has pictures of your dream car, vacation clothes, or career goals. Use these pictures as a means of inspiration in your life and have it motivate you to be the best you that you can be.
  • Go through a digital detox. We’re constantly “plugged in” whether it’s through our phones, our earbuds, or televisions. To truly appreciate ourselves and get to know who we are, we have to take time away from all this looking outward at screens and begin to look inward at ourselves. Take time to reflect on what makes you happy and analyze how to continually attain that.

These tips were taken from PAUSE,  available at these retailers:

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