3 Easy Steps to Letting Go of the Clutter

It’s official—the holidays are over! This time of year brings a bit of heartache from saying goodbye to family and friends, a sigh of relief now the stresses of party-planning and gift-buying are over, and frankly, a lot of crap you probably don’t need. Sure, you don’t need to turn around and toss out that pair of pants your mother-in-law gifted you, but this is a good time of year to reflect on all the clutter you’ve accumulated that’s taking up space in your home and in your head. Letting go of material possessions is an easy and effective way to also declutter the mind. Here are a few easy strategies, courtesy of Courtney Carver and her book Soulful Simplicity, to get you started with decluttering your life just in time for the new year.

Hide it. This is one of the most effective strategies for seeing what kind of value, if any, an item adds to your life. During the early stages of decluttering, simply hide an item and see if you find yourself missing it or even thinking about it at all. You’ll quickly realize many items are forgettable and don’t need to take up space anymore.

Question it. Just because you don’t constantly think about an item, doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t bring you joy. When decluttering, take the time to reflect on certain items. Ask yourself, “Does this bring my joy?” You can even try making a list of moments that bring you joy. When questioning an item, compare the joy it brings you to the list you made to see if it should make the cut.

Keep it. It may sound backward, but another effective strategy to quality decluttering is simply to keep some things. Sure, you don’t need that ugly, chipped mug, but it makes you smile each morning, and this is as good a reason to hold on to something as any.

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