3 Must-Reads to Reduce Your Stress

Do you frequently find yourself tired, anxious, or easily irritated? These are symptoms of stress, but the overall harm it’s causing goes deeper than just your sleep cycle. Keeping your stress level low is key to a life of mental, spiritual, and physical wellness. Of course, some stressors are welcome and worth celebrating—like moving into a new house, getting a promotion and the responsibility that comes with it, or welcoming a new baby. Persistent stress, however, can have a negative, long-term impact on your physical as well as emotional health.

It’s important to face your stress head on. For 25 years, the Health Resource Network has dedicated the entire month of April specifically to addressing this “silent killer.” That’s why we’ve gathered three books that are essential in setting you on the path of stress reduction and prevention.


This book doesn’t publish until late August, but we got an early look at the content, and it’s fascinating. STRESS-PROOF offers small but manageable strategies – based on the latest research – to help you confront stress in the moment. For instance, do you know what the best time of day is to take a power nap; why you should switch out your normal caffeine fix for matcha; or how turmeric, an ingredient often found in curries, can help you battle chronic stress? From big changes to small life hacks, this is an essential tool to help you tackle stress head on.

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I Am Here Now

It may seem a cruel joke, but for many, one stress trigger is simply anticipating bigger, future stresses. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the past or future. This book invites you to doodle, draw, and exorcise your demons with creative practices like a line-drawing breathing exercise, a mindfulness quiz and a fun “hand meditation.” Playful but also practical, the book will keep you on track – and in the present moment.

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8 Minute Meditation

You likely know you should meditate, but how do you know you’re doing it right? Have you ever tried to meditate and found yourself thinking, “This isn’t working. I can’t stop thinking about things. Maybe I’m doing this wrong?” Stressing over a practice that’s supposed to help you destress is no way to get centered. Instead, turn to the wisdom in this book, which will  help you build an efficient yet powerful meditation practice that’s right for you. In the time it takes for a commercial break, you can clear out your negative thoughts and find your focus.

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