3 Ways Millennials Can Slow Down and be Mindful

Last night I went to Dairy Queen’s drive-thru for a Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard with extra cookie dough. And even though I knew, as I ordered it, that I would have a nasty junk food hangover within an hour of inhaling all that delicious imitation ice cream, I didn’t care. I wanted it and was prepared to deal with the consequences. And while I can appreciate that a kale salad would have been a better choice, kale salads are just, well, not fun (and despite what some people may assume about 30-somethings, this 30-something prioritizes fun).

I also feel this way about meditation. I understand that meditation will give me a more balanced perspective, help me manage anxiety, and clarify my thoughts; however, the process just doesn’t appeal to me. Sitting still takes a herculean effort. And, as a borderline millennial, I have a deep appreciation for instant gratification.


This is why I really loved I AM HERE NOW by the Mindfulness Project – a compilation of quirky exercises that help you achieve a state of mindfulness without having to sit on a floor cushion with Yanni in the background. These three visuals from the book have helped me to slow down and make better choices (though, admittedly, nothing has yet to divert me from the Dairy Queen drive thru):

1. Page of Rage (for when the service person gives you the Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard by mistake):

picture12. Gratitude Alarm (for those days when all you can focus on is what you don’t have, instead of what you do):

picture23. Handwashing Meditation (for the days that you are so busy, that a bathroom break is the only break you can muster – and you are taking it because you have no choice):


~Post by Kelli, nonfiction reader, skeptical spiritual seeker, reluctant Pisces, and blocked artist

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