3 Ways to Better Handle Being Single

Beaches, baseball and baes, the three B’s of summer. While the first two are relatively easy to handle, finding your true love can be a struggle for most people. But we’re here with some simple advice on how to keep it cool this summer.

  • Don’t stress over the “perfect” moment. “So how’d you two meet?” Everyone loves the story. You’ve seen it in all the rom-coms: two star-crossed lovers lock eyes across a subway car or knock shoulders on a busy street. Love can happen anywhere so don’t stifle yourself by wanting or needing it to happen in a certain way. Dating apps have been on the rise for years and are an honest and practical way to find love far and wide.
  • Nobody’s perfect. Much like finding love in the perfect place, finding a “perfect” person is also a piece of Hollywood movie fiction. Of course, you want compatibility and a spark, but humans are flawed. Your ideas of “surfing” might differ between waves at the beach and channels on television. Differences in opinion like this are normal in relationships and are a great way to learn about your partner and know how to better communicate your differences effectively.
  • Get to know yourself. How can you expect to know who you’re compatible with if you don’t even know yourself? Use the summer to try out new hobbies and activities you’ve always wanted to try. By doing this, you’ll come to experience new interests that are valuable to you and new ways to connect with other people on topics you didn’t even know you were passionate about.