3 Ways to Meditate and Relax at Work

Working the 9-5 grind can be a pain: there are morning meetings, urgent tasks, and always that one coworker whose poor planning turns into your emergency. What if you could turn your workspace into your own zen garden—even with the fluorescent lights and nonstop office chatter? Well you can, thanks to Nigel Welling’s book Why Can’t I Meditate? Here are three ways to put your work stress to rest:

Businessman meditating on office desk

  • Find a calm, personal spot: a place you can go and be you and get away from it all, free from distractions and which brings you the most mindfulness and calmness. Office environments vary, but if you’re in the corporate world, try to find a good spot in a quiet hallway or a special area of the kitchen. If you’re not in an office, seek out a nice shady tree and find serenity there.
  • Count your breaths. You’re at your desk when suddenly you’re swamped with five assignments due four hours ago. This will inevitably cause you stress. Stress breeds anxiety and with that comes a lot of emotional and physical side effects. By counting your breaths, you become actively aware of what you’re doing, and this will help you relax and allow you to take stock of your tasks with calm clarity.
  • Sit up straight. That slouching you’re doing in the meeting isn’t just bad for your posture, it’s bad for your mind too. Worn out and badly postured bodies lead to even more stress put on the mind. Simply sitting up straight can do wonders for de-stressing mentally and physically. With less pain on your body, your mind is free to focus and concentrate on the relaxation you’re seeking.

These tips were pulled from WHY CAN’T I MEDITATE? by Nigel Wellings, available through these retailers:

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