4 Tips on How to Make (Good) Decisions

In this polarized presidential election year, many people made up their minds about the candidates very early on. But maybe you haven’t yet. Or maybe there are local races you’re unsure about. How do you know if you are making the right choice when you place your vote? According to Raymond Charles Barker, author of the classic bestseller THE POWER OF DECISION, these 4 tips will help ensure you make healthy choices:


Nourish your mind.

You need to gather information before you progress as opposed to acting purely on emotion or prior experience. Seek new opinions, updated facts, and varying viewpoints, but remember not to let other people’s decisions become your own.

Don’t allow yourself to fail.

Not sure you’ll ever be able to make up your mind? Is this leading you to decide not to vote at all? Indecision is the individual’s decision to fail. Instead of dithering or dwelling on other people’s opinions and advice, look within and remind yourself that you are an individual thinker. This will encourage new patterns of thinking and ways of looking at situations.

Don’t let the past rule the present.

If you have trouble making up your mind because you are afraid you are making a mistake, you are still in a childhood mindset. Children are afraid of making mistakes because of a strong emotional need to please their parents. The adult who is indecisive is a person who is still subconsciously afraid that what they do will not please some past symbol in their mind. Ask yourself, “Will my decisions be based on today’s experiences guided by the wisdom of the past, or will they be determined only by past memory patterns?” Aim for the former.

Remember that you matter.

You were not created to be an average person. Your thoughts matter; your voice matters. Don’t be complacent and just go along with the world as it seems to be. Awaken your mind to curiosity and creativity, and you will discover new ideas about your values, your beliefs, and the direction you want your life – and the world – to take. Use that!

~Post by Jeanette Shaw–a former TarcherPerigee editor now living the glamorous freelance life, which means yoga pants every day. She can be found at jseditorial.com.

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