4 Tips to Realign Your Anxious Cat’s Mojo

Random aggression. Misdirected anger. Frequent outbursts. Unexplained panic attacks. These symptoms may sound familiar to many, but believe it or not, we’re describing the anxiety that afflicts many of our feline friends. And it’s the exact opposite of what Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell star Jackson Galaxy describes as Cat Mojo: the confident and unquestioned ownership of a cat’s territory (yes, even your home).

If your cat is exhibiting symptoms of heightened anxiety—not unlike that of a human—then it may be time to make some small adjustments in order to realign your cat’s mojo. Try these tips from his new book, Total Cat Mojo:

  1. Log episodes. Put on your detective hat and chronicle every episode—you need baseline observations. Note the symptoms and triggers: where and when do episodes happen? What was going on in the house at the time?
  2. Video of the vet. Take your cat to the vet and bring video so they can see what the behavior looks like. Discuss the right pharmaceutical assistance for your cat.
  3. Control the energy. Energy spikes can trigger episodes, so be aware of the activity in the household and manage triggers whenever possible.
  4. Encourage relaxation. Make sure you’ve incorporated cocoons and other safe places to retreat in your home.

At the end of the day, you are sharing a space with another personality, and it’s important to address your cat’s needs alongside your own.

These tips were taken from TOTAL CAT MOJO, available at these retailers:

Hudson Booksellers