4 Tips to Survive the Terrible Twos

They’re not called the terrible twos for nothing. Many parents are quick to admit that this age in their children’s lives can be… bumpy to say the least. And while every family is different, there are a few tips that any parent can use to turn terrible into terrific. Chris Pegula, author of DIAPER DUDE and FROM DUDE TO DAD, shares what he’s learned:

  1. Stick to the schedule. Whether it’s their naptime or snack time, don’t plan outings or errands around scheduled daily habits. Without consistency, your children may get a bit ornery.
  2. Cure boredom. We’re definitely not advocating for getting your little one a fidget spinner, but it’s important to keep your children engaged. Come up with some creative activities they can do by themselves or with you for some quality family time!
  3. Don’t cave in. If you give in when your child throws a tantrum about the candy/toy/whatever-they-want, it will only be harder next time. Head off tantrums over the long run by standing firm with your child.
  4. Be consistent and calm. At home, it’s best to let your child work through his tantrum. In public, remove your child from the situation as quickly as possible. If your child throws a tantrum, take a deep breath, respond calmly and don’t give in to demands.

These tips were taken from Diaper Dude by Chris Pegula, available at these retailers now:

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