4 Ways to Make Life Easier in 2017

Let’s face it; 2016 has been ROUGH for a lot of people. And even though technically January 1st is just another day on the calendar, the symbolic ending of one year and beginning of a new offers us the chance to assess our goals and commit to living our best lives. Ari Meisel, author of LESS DOING, MORE LIVING, has made teaching people how to streamline their lives his career. Here are a few of his suggested techniques to make everything in your life easier:

Create an “External Brain”

Trying to keep all the information you need – addresses, deadlines, reminders, etc. – in your head is inefficient and stresses you out unnecessarily. You need to free your mind for more interesting work. The heart of your external brain is note-taking. If an idea is in your head, get it out. Besides excellent apps like Evernote, there’s now a way to make sure that brilliant thought you had in the shower doesn’t get forgotten, by using a handy waterproof notepad called AquaNotes. If you give your brain room to breathe by freeing it from a million little tasks, it will reward you with greater creativity and productivity.

Customize Your Life

Save time and money by taking advantage of services that optimize solutions for your needs. From getting your appropriate daily supplements from Vitamins on Demand to utilizing an instant 3D printing service like Ponoko (say you have an idea for a really cool-looking coffee cup), you’re getting exactly what you want and leaving out what you don’t. Plus, you’re supporting entrepreneurs!

Choose the Schedule that Makes You Most Efficient

Some times are better than others for you to accomplish things. Even if you’re beholden to a Monday through Friday, 9-5 schedule because of your job, you can still set up your schedule in a way that matches tasks to your best time for accomplishing them. For instance, I found that I was most productive answering emails as soon as I got out of bed, before even putting in my contacts. If you do have a more flexible schedule, you can also choose a time frame for scheduling meetings and answering emails, whether it’s Tuesday through Thursday or something else, and only operate those tasks within that time. (For example, write an email whenever you want, but use a scheduling program like RightInbox to send it at a later established time.) This way you are most efficient during those times and people know exactly when they can and can’t expect to hear from you.

Stop Running Errands

Automate or outsource whatever you can, whether its prescription delivery, making credit card payments, or even hiring someone to take your car to the shop. (TaskRabbit is a good resource for this.) Now sit back and decide what to do with all that free time!

~Post by Jeanette Shaw–a former TarcherPerigee editor now living the glamorous freelance life, which means yoga pants every day. She can be found at jseditorial.com.

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