5 Inspirational Quotes to Reignite Your Creativity

It's Never Too Late to Begin Again

TarcherPerigee’s reigning queen of creativity is back with a mission.

Julia Cameron, whose seminal book The Artist’s Way (1992) made waves during its first release and endures in the decades since, is turning her attention to a generation who might be led to believe that their creative ships have already sailed. In her forthcoming book, It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again (2016), the Baby Boomer generation (and those others who form the ranks of the venerably retired) are prompted to reignite their imagination.

Check out five quotes from the book below. Young or seasoned, you’re sure to walk away with a piece of advice that’ll leave you inspired.

1. There are clues in all of our lives that point to what will bring us joy in our own “second act.”

2. Often, our creative recovery remains invisible because it is changing us in directions we do not expect. I have seen writers begin to paint, lawyers begin to write, teachers begin to sing… I often say that when you use these tools, you shake the apple tree – and the universe delivers oranges.

milky-way-1023340_960_720Image Credit: Pixabay

3. Despite our fears, creativity is always with us. It doesn’t mysteriously dry up when we hit sixty-five. Consider artists like Georgia O’Keefe, working at the height of their powers into their nineties.

4. It is all too easy to dismiss creative endeavors as “just” short-lived hobbies or something that “belongs” to someone else. The truth is, we are all creative, and there is no “wrong” creative interest. Many times, one leads to the next, and playing around in whatever areas call to us brings us a sense of joy and purpose – and a connection to some benevolent something that feels greater than ourselves.

5. I do not believe that art has to be famous, or sold, or even shared to count as “real” art or to make us “real” artists. Stories abound of artists whose work outlived them and who never sold a piece during their lifetime. Van Gogh wasn’t known well until after his death. Edgar Allan Poe published only two books in his lifetime, and they were self-published.

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