5 Reasons Why My Bicycle is Cooler than Your Car

From personal health to global conservation, the benefits of cycling are numerous. Sure, we all enjoy the convenience and comfort of our cars, but for many of us, a short trip to the market or work simply doesn’t necessitate a car. By cutting out motor vehicle transportation now and again, we’re taking much-needed steps toward a plethora of wellness benefits for ourselves and for our planet. Here are just a few benefits for even the occasional cyclist:

Speeding through the streets

  • First and foremost, cycling is an excellent activity to strengthen your muscles and improve heart function. No matter if you’re an elite racer or casual cycler, just getting outside for a few rides a week will set you down the path overall wellness!
  • Because of the steady breathing and rhythmic (yet low-impact) nature of cycling, it is a noted stress and depression reduction exercise.
  • Cycling is an excellent exercise for burning calories. A person cycling with a speed of 10 mph burns260 calories in an hour.
  • Cycling 10 km every day to work can prevent the emission of at least 1.3 tons of greenhouses gases annually. This reduces the risk of many fatal diseases and health issues affecting millions of people due to air pollution.
  • Every year, we spend billions of dollars in medical expenses to treat such ailments as bronchitis and other respiratory issues linked to air pollution. Cycling is one of the few modes of transport that does not pollute; rather, it helps those who are already suffering from such issues.