7 Books to Help You Succeed at Work: A Labor Day Read List

Labor Day marks the end of summer. Many people will spend the long weekend fitting in just one more trip to the beach or a friend’s house out of town in the hopes of returning to work rejuvenated and renewed. Unfortunately, after the fun and sun are over, there’s still work—and a job or career that you may not be thrilled to get back to. If you find yourself dreading the return to the usual slog—or to an unhappy work situation—you might want to check out some of the books we’ve gathered below. Consider it your must-read list to help you find success at work and beyond.

The Best Place to Work

Drawing from the fields of motivation, creativity, behavioral economics, neuroscience, and management, this book is the essential guide that reveals what really makes us successful at work. Coupled with the newest scientific findings, this book details stories of the most successful people and innovations to uncover game-changing advice for turning any organization into an extraordinary workplace.

Eyes Wide Open

When Isaac Lidsky learned he was losing his sight at the age of 13, he thought it would be the end of his ability to succeed and yet went on and graduated from Harvard College at age 19, served as a Supreme Court law clerk, fathered four children, and turned a failing construction subcontractor into a highly profitable business. In Eyes Wide Open, Lidsky shares how he faced fear, silenced his inner critic, and harnessed his strength to overcome some of life’s toughest obstacles. Along the way, he helps readers broaden their own perspectives and open up to possibility.

Build Your Dream Network

It’s simple to lose yourself in the monotony of a 9-to-5, but the truth is that in today’s digital world, networking is more important than ever. Whether you’re on the hunt for a job or just need to stay relevant in your current field,  this guide will help you form the relationships that will send you to the top.


If you’re just entering the workforce for the first time, look no further than this essential guide that helps you build the perfect business plan, land that big promotion, or turn you into a digital guru. Whether you’re a young entrepreneur or looking to break out of your entry level job, Rich20Something should be your next go-to book.

Working with Difficult People

The major roadblock in your professional success may not be a lack of inspiration or knowledge. You may simply be held back because of your environment. Use this guide to help you navigate workplace tensions and effectively resolve any issue.

New Rules of the Game

The workplace presents especially unique challenges for women, but take it from powerhouse executive Susan Packard, these challenges can be overcome. Learn how to effectively compete, build support groups, and use loss as motivation. Business in a team sport, and this guide’s ten strategies to success will teach out how to win.

Think and Grow Rich

No guide to success is complete without Napoleon Hill’s seminal book on achieving wealth. The granddaddy of all motivational literature uses his years as a teacher and investigator to bring you the landmark “law of success”—first published in 1937—that has inspired generations, including celebrity millionaires Daymond John and Robert Herjavec.