A Visual Journey Through the Introvert Mind

In our loud, busy, extroverted society, it’s hard to be an introvert—and it’s harder still to try and explain to your more outgoing friends why you don’t always feel like hanging out with them. Artist Aaron Caycedo-Kimura, aka INFJoe, knows these struggles well and depicts them in his whimsical new book, TEXT, DON’T CALL. Below are some of our favorite scenes.

We also asked INFJoe for his advice for introverts. His response: “Introvert on! Be your introverted selves. Know that you’re not alone, that you’re in good company. It’s good to educate those around you about introversion, but realize that some may just not get it. Bottom line, what’s most important is that we understand, accept, and appreciate ourselves.”

Still not going.

Been there, done that. You know exactly how it will go.

Inclusion—it’s complicated.

When quiet plans turn into a literal nightmare.

International introversion.

When nothing is something.

You understand the importance of planning.

You know how to skip small talk and get to the interesting stuff.

Too real.

But always remember, you’re doing great!