Are you holding yourself back?

We all have limiting beliefs that stop us from moving forward. A limiting belief is fear-based, and we believe it to be true so we find it difficult to break away from. These limiting beliefs are often the reason we find ourselves missing deadlines at work, feeling distant in our relationships, or even having difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. The good news is, you have the power to surmount this feeling and it begins with understanding and accepting yourself.

In her book, THE SELF-LOVE EXPERIMENT, Shannon Kaiser four self-limiting personality types. Do you recognize yourself in one of these? Once you identify what is holding you back, you will be well poised to tackle the issue head on and overcome the limiting beliefs you hold.

  1. The rebellion self. This is the part of you that wants to lash out and rebel against things that you dislike. Basically, you don’t like being told what to do. We’ve all got a rebellious side, but some of us let it hinder what we know we should do, and open ourselves up to those things we shouldn’t.
  2. The reward self. We crave rewards. Think about it—we get rewarded for a lot as children and we carry that structure into other aspects of our life such as diets or work life. In some of us, the reward self helps us get over insecurities and can take over. We eat too much ice cream or spend too much time on social media to escape bad feelings.
  3. The protection self. We’ve all been hurt in the past, but in some of us, the protection self grows so big that we end up playing it small all our lives. We don’t take risks because we fear rejection or failure.
  4. The lonely self. This part of us craves contact, intimacy, and support. If your lonely self rules then you may find yourself going above and beyond to get the attention you crave by sacrificing healthy behavior such as sleep or balanced diet.

We are so often preoccupied with outward things—why we can’t find love, why we’re not rewarded at work, etc.—that we ignore the most important step in our journey to happiness: knowing ourselves. Take the time to truly reflect on what’s holding you back. You’ll find that the next step will be that much easier to take!

These tips were taken from THE SELF-LOVE EXPERIMENT, available at these retailers:

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