Ask Our Experts: Mother’s Day

To continue delivering the best resources to our readers, TarcherPerigee is excited to announce the launch of a brand new series! “Ask Our Experts” makes our parenting authors accessible to answer questions from you. In celebration of Mother’s Day weekend and to officially launch our new feature, we’ve asked four of our parenting experts to talk about their own mothers. See what they have to say and find out more about submitting your own questions–they could appear in a future installment of “Ask Our Experts!”

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What is one piece of parenting advice your mother taught you that really influenced your parenting philosophy?

2133613_eanes_rebecca“My mother taught me that relationship trumps everything else. In the absence of a connected, trusting relationship, children will eventually pull away and parents will lose all influence on their kids. Only when a parent has a child’s heart can she touch the mind and soul is a positive way.” –Rebecca Eanes, author of Positive Parenting

Heather Shumaker author photo_by John Robert Williams“My mother taught me ‘if something’s bothering you, it’s time to make a change.’ It’s versatile advice. It applies no matter how old your children are, and it prompted me to write my book “It’s OK to Go Up the Slide” which helps guide families on what to do when something (homework, technology) is bothering their family.” –Heather Shumaker, author of It’s OK to Go Up the Slide

Ylonda Caviness author photo_by Keith Major“Mama is the president, founder and CEO of the ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ school of parenting. As kids, there was no negotiating; she didn’t suffer sass or foolishness. I am not nearly as iron-fisted with my three kids, but I learned from her stern example that structure makes kids feel secure. They need a parent; they don’t need another friend. And I’ve learned that when kids know ‘mama don’t take no mess,’ they tend not to start any!” –Ylonda Gault, author of Child, Please

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“What big lesson did I take from my mom?  That a show of faith can be just what a kid needs to face their own questions and find their own answers. I’ve since taken that lesson and weaved it into what I train parents all over the world to do. Something great happens when you show your kids that you have faith in them, believe in them, and stand behind them.  It encourages them to work hard, persevere, and keep trying. Even when they don’t get the results they want, they  know that someone has their back so they continue to challenge themselves in the future. When I’m working with parents, I hope they take this to heart, become the parents they know they can be and foster that same sense of faith in their own children.” –Amy McCready, author of The Me, Me, Me Epidemic

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