Notes from The NYC Publishing & Creativity Conference

 On April 11 and 12th, we hosted our inaugural TarcherLIVE event, inviting aspiring writers and those who have published their work through True Directions Books, Tarcher’s recent partnership with iUniverse (an LLC imprint of Author Solutions), to... Read more

Family Wisdom from Team Tarcher

To celebrate today’s release of Carried in Our Hearts paperback edition by Dr. Jane Aronson and the upcoming release of The Dolphin Way by Shimi Kang, M.D., we asked some Tarcher Team members for the best advice they ever got from a family member!... Read more

Bad at Math? You Can Achieve A MIND FOR NUMBERS

In December of 2013, America slipped once again in the international rankings measuring students’ proficiency in math, science and reading (according to the Program for International Student Assessment). The results were sobering: the United States... Read more

Getting Into Publishing: Tips for Aspiring Authors

April 11, 2014 by  
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  This weekend Tarcher will be hosting The New York City Publishing & Creativity Conference For Writers, where writers will have the chance to listen to published authors and publishers alike and learn from them to continue shaping their craft.... Read more

Reconnect with the Divine: A Clairvoyant’s Guide to Angels!

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  “All seekers of truth yearn for the mystical experience. In this remarkable journey, you do not walk alone. With you is your indispensable partner to success—the spiritual hierarchy.” In their newest book, award-winning authors Barbara Y.... Read more

Unlocking Creativity: Tips for Overcoming Creative Roadblocks

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Looking for a way to expand your own creativity? Feeling blocked and unsure how to move forward? Tarcher is hosting The New York City Publishing & Creativity Conference for Writers April 11-12.  It is a great way for writers to gain insight from... Read more

Technology Tips: Managing Time (and Stress!)

Ever feel like there’s just not enough time in the day to manage everything? Inspired by the upcoming Tarcher title Less Doing, More Living by Ari Miesel, the Tarcher staff has some suggestions for the best ways to use technology and make it work... Read more

Mother’s Day Alert: Carried in Our Hearts in Paperback!

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“Mother’s Day alert! Buy your copy now!”—Amy Poehler “Carried in Our Hearts is an amazing account of the journey that Dr. Aronson and countless families have taken toward shepherding children through the process of finding permanent... Read more

Barbara Diane Barry Shares 5 Tips on Overcoming Creative Blocks

March 28, 2014 by  
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Barbara Diane Barry, author of the recent new release Painting Your Way out of a Corner: The Art of Getting Unstuck (Tarcher/Penguin), has been facilitating art experiences with adults, children, and community groups in the New York City area for over... Read more

Tarcher’s Celebrates Hacking Happiness with Our Favorite Apps!

In the new Tarcher title Hacking Happiness, author John C. Havens shows readers how to use technology to track their time and make  life easier! Inspired by this title, we asked the staff at Tarcher to share some of their favorite apps! Joel Foltinos,... Read more

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