Help kitties in need!

Pre-Order “Catification” by Jackson Galaxy & Kate Benjamin and Help Support Cat Rescue!   Attention Cat Lovers! We are thrilled to announce that the new book Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!) co-authored... Read more

Sneak Peek: Gary Wright’s musical memoir DREAM WEAVER

Music legend Gary Wright reflects on his professional collaboration, friendship, and spiritual journey with the “Quiet Beatle” George Harrison in his new memoir DREAM WEAVER: Music, Meditation, and My Friendship with George Harrison ($26.95; ISBN:... Read more

Celebrate Eat Your Vegetables Day!

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Did you know today is National Eat Your Vegetables Day? Sandwiched in the middle of National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, this holiday encourages us to introduce a healthy portion of vegetables into your daily diet. Get some great veggie tips and... Read more

Roger Teel Believes THIS LIFE IS JOY

Have you ever felt trapped in a cycle of unhappiness, plagued by feelings of unworthiness and despair? Too often, we allow ourselves to get caught up in the pressures of work, relationships, and personal advancement and forget the fundamental essence... Read more

THE ENERGIES OF LOVE: Energy Medicine for Relationships

The bestselling authors of Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women present a complete program for using energy medicine to heal and strengthen romantic relationships–The Energies of Love. A relationship begins with the meeting of two unique... Read more

Find Strength with YOUR INNER WILL

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Who has not experienced despair?  Whether you’ve suffered a financial crisis, faced the loss of a loved one, or been fired from a job – we’ve all felt frightened and alone.  And it is precisely in these dire moments when we rely upon our Inner... Read more

“Every Idea is a Good Idea” Says Music Exec Tom Sturges

Having worked with some of the world’s greatest songwriters and creative all-stars such as Carole King, Lamont Dozier, Babyface, Dr. Dre, Neil Young, and Diane Warren, Tom Sturges knows talent when he sees it (and hears it), and he is here to show that... Read more

SNEAK PEEK: Experiencing Spirituality

EXPERIENCING SPIRITUALITY is On Sale Today! Get a taste of the long awaited sequel from Ernest Kurtz & Katharine Ketchum, the authors of contemporary classic The Spirituality of Imperfection, with these inspiring snippets! From COMMUNITY: There... Read more


This Mother’s Day we have some gift ideas to help celebrate all moms and their unwavering love and support! From a bestselling glimpse at the teenaged brain, to fresh alternative to Amy Chua’s tiger parenting, you’re sure to find something... Read more

How do you view yourself? Is it a love/hate relationship?

  Many would argue we are in the midst of the age of narcissism, that the so-called “Generation Me” suffers from an excess of egocentric, self-seeking, selfie-taking and entitled behaviors – but  we often fail to address the other extreme... Read more

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