Reconnect with the Divine!

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On Sale April 17, 2014   “All seekers of truth yearn for the mystical experience. In this remarkable journey, you do not walk alone. With you is your indispensable partner to success—the spiritual hierarchy.” In their newest book, award-winning... Read more

Unlocking Creativity: Tips for Overcoming Creative Roadblocks

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Looking for a way to expand your own creativity? Feeling blocked and unsure how to move forward? Tarcher is hosting The New York City Publishing & Creativity Conference for Writers April 11-12.  It is a great way for writers to gain insight from... Read more

Tarcher’s Celebrates Hacking Happiness with Our Favorite Apps!

In the new Tarcher title Hacking Happiness, author John C. Havens shows readers how to use technology to track their time and make  life easier! Inspired by this title, we asked the staff at Tarcher to share some of their favorite apps! Joel Foltinos,... Read more

How to Attract Good Luck

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Knocking on wood, rubbing a rabbit’s foot, crossing your fingers – attracting good luck has captivated cultures for thousands of years. To the modern eye, many of these practices seem foolish. Yet how many people still avoid opening an umbrella indoors... Read more

Celebrate National Tell a Fairytale Day!

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Today is National Tell a Fairytale Day! Gather round the fire, and make yourselves comfortable… Tell A Fairy Tale Day is all about exploring myths and stories, old and new. From grim(m) tales to urban legends, tap the dark corners of your subconscious... Read more

A Mantra for Your Valentine

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Relationship expert and Say This, Not That author Carl Alasko writes a weekly advice column for The Monterey Herald. Amp up your Valentine’s Day communication with this recent post. Dear Dr. Alasko: My husband and I have been getting into a... Read more

Think and Grow Rich For Women

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Re-imagining the wealth-building masterwork Think & Grow Rich as a guide for modern women, this new book—authorized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation—blends the stories of outstanding women with Hill’s Thirteen Steps for Riches. Women are the... Read more

Experience Spirituality with a New Tarcher Title!

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From the authors of contemporary classic The Spirituality of Imperfection  comes this long-awaited sequel.  A great master once said, “The shortest distance between a human being and truth is a story.” In Experiencing Spirituality, Ernest Kurtz... Read more

UNWORTHY: How to Stop Hating Yourself

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In a society that glorifies self-esteem as an industry, a philosophy, and even a religion, many suffer silently from the very opposite of self-love: self-loathing As someone who has struggled with low self-esteem her entire life, Anneli Rufus knows only... Read more

The Dolphin Way to Parenting Happy Kids

Why be an aggressive and controlling tiger parent when you can be more like a dolphin—playfully and gently guiding your children to develop internal motivation, life-long learning, and happiness? Harvard-trained psychiatrist Dr. Shimi Kang’s... Read more

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