Jake Ducey: World’s First Millennial Motivational Speaker

What would have to happen in the next year for you to look back and say it was your most successful and fulfilling year? This is the question posed by Jake Ducey, millennial motivational coach and speaker, in the first chapter of THE PURPOSE PRINCIPLES:... Read more


People seek out a meditative practice for many reasons, including the search for better sleep, better relationships, a more creative mind, calming the overthinking mind, reducing stress, or lowering anxiety, among others. Meditation affects every aspects... Read more

Rosa Parks’s Family Remembers OUR AUNTIE ROSA

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Most people know Rosa Parks as the courageous civil rights activist whose sacrifices, along with those of many others, made it possible for us to live in a more just society today. What the majority of her admirers throughout the world don’t know is... Read more

Give the Gift of Tarcher this Holiday Season!

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With our Halloween costumes packed away and our spooky reads back on the shelf, it’s time to get excited for the Holidays! To help get you ready for the holiday season, our team has complied some of our top titles for everyone on your gift list. For... Read more

STRONGER, FASTER, SMARTER: A Strong Body & Mind Equals Survival

What do you do if you’re sentenced to 40 years in prison for a murder you didn’t commit? You become STRONGER, FASTER, SMARTER—which is exactly what 19-year-old Ryan Ferguson vowed to do as he headed to prison. In the ten years that followed, Ryan... Read more

Allan Lokos Survives Plane Crash in THROUGH THE FLAMES

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Humans are hardwired for survival.  When Allan Lokos, founder and guiding teacher of the Community Meditation Center in New York City, found himself trapped in the burning wreckage of a plane crash in Myanmar on Christmas Day 2012, it was his basic human... Read more


What if you found out there was more to American history than what you read in your high school textbooks? There is a strange and spooky side to America’s past that often goes unexplored. Tales of odd creatures, bizarre happenings and fantastical characters... Read more

Say No To Radiation and Conventional Chemo by Diana Warren and Jamie Beardsley

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Internationally acclaimed integrative medical oncologist James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., has praised Diana Warren for courage and tenacity in her arduous battle against Stage II breast cancer. Doctor Forsythe insists that “Diana deserves kudos from... Read more

CATIFICATION: The Book Every Cat Lover Needs to Get Their Paws On!

Cat lovers everywhere know the struggles of creating living spaces that are both functional and stylish for cat guardian and cat. In CATIFICATION, Jackson Galaxy, the star of Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell, and Kate Benjamin, of the popular cat design... Read more

What the Fork are You Eating?

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An action plan for your pantry and plate It’s labeled “natural,” “grass-fed,” or “free-roaming;” yet it might be anything but. It’s time to find out what you’re actually eating… When your groceries... Read more

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