Creativity’s Necessary Discomfort

“Sometimes, when you’re too comfortable you get scared to move ahead.” — Shantell Martin, author of WAVE Recently, self-made artist and uber-collaborator Shantell Martin sat down with the magazine 99U to talk about the creative struggle. Creativity... Read more

10 Facts that Will Blow Your Mind from YouTube Superstar, Matthew Santoro

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Available in the United States                                Available in Canada & the UK              In his first-ever book, Mind = Blown (on-sale August 9, available for preorder now), Youtube star Matthew Stantoro’s... Read more

SNEAK PEEK: An Excerpt from Get Smart (2016) to Unlock Your Potential

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Unleash the Imprisoned Splendor Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise From outward things, whate’er you may believe. There is an inmost centre in us all, Where truth abides in fulness; … And to know, Rather consists in opening out... Read more


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Catify to Satisfy, the hotly-anticipated follow up to Jackson Galaxy’s New York Times-bestselling Catification, doesn’t go on sale until November 17, but we’re releasing a sneak peek excerpt weeks early! Just follow the link below... Read more

The “Me, Me, Me” Epidemic: Nip Entitlement at the Bud

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  Parents these days may be all too familiar with the “entitlement epidemic.” If you find yourself exhausted keeping up with the house (while everybody else is too busy watching TV) or frequently supplementing your kids’... Read more

Zucchini Latkes from What the Fork Are You Eating

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Zucchini Latkes (from What the Fork Are You Eating? by Stefanie Sacks) Growing up Jewish, you learn to love the latke at an early age. My paternal grandmother made them from a box (ugh). Regardless, I remember relishing them every Chanukah. There is just... Read more

FOUR WAYS TO CLICK: Rewire Your Brain for Healthier & Happier Life.

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Society places an incredible amount of stock in our strength as individuals. If we are strong enough, we should be islands unto ourselves, pioneers paving our own unique path. Science, however, is proving otherwise—and DR. AMY BANKS shares some of the... Read more

Discover a New Healing System with WHOLE HEALTH

Approximately 65% of Americans are medicated, spending over $250 billion dollars a year on prescription medications. Of that amount, roughly 100,000 people are killed annually by prescription drugs, a figure that more than doubles the number of automobile... Read more

Jake Ducey: World’s First Millennial Motivational Speaker

What would have to happen in the next year for you to look back and say it was your most successful and fulfilling year? This is the question posed by Jake Ducey, millennial motivational coach and speaker, in the first chapter of THE PURPOSE PRINCIPLES:... Read more


People seek out a meditative practice for many reasons, including the search for better sleep, better relationships, a more creative mind, calming the overthinking mind, reducing stress, or lowering anxiety, among others. Meditation affects every aspects... Read more

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