Bad at Math? You Can Achieve A MIND FOR NUMBERS

In December of 2013, America slipped once again in the international rankings measuring students’ proficiency in math, science and reading (according to the Program for International Student Assessment). The results were sobering: the United States... Read more

Mother’s Day Alert: Carried in Our Hearts in Paperback!

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“Mother’s Day alert! Buy your copy now!”—Amy Poehler “Carried in Our Hearts is an amazing account of the journey that Dr. Aronson and countless families have taken toward shepherding children through the process of finding permanent... Read more

Bio of SF Legend Ray Palmer– THE MAN FROM MARS — coming in Paperback

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In paperback July 10th–the critically acclaimed biography of legendary science fiction legend, Ray Palmer.  Who is Ray Palmer? Chances are you either don’t know or—if you’re a comic book fan—you think of DC Comics character, The Atom. Although... Read more

The Dolphin Way to Parenting Happy Kids

Why be an aggressive and controlling tiger parent when you can be more like a dolphin—playfully and gently guiding your children to develop internal motivation, life-long learning, and happiness? Harvard-trained psychiatrist Dr. Shimi Kang’s... Read more

Sneak Peek: Say This, Not That

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Knowing what to say—and, more importantly, what not to say—can be a daunting task. Psychotherapist and relationship expert Carl Alasko, Ph.D. (author of Emotional Bullshit) offers a solution to this dilemma in his newest book SAY THIS, NOT THAT: A... Read more

Enrich Your Life with “Time in a Bottle”

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“Time in a Bottle  explores how our sense of time lies at the heart of everything we experience, think, and do…. It is no accident that most major spiritual traditions emphasize the importance of shifting from a sense of time shortage to an awareness... Read more

Aleister Crowley’s Influence on Rock and Roll & Pop Culture

December 20, 2013 by  
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When the mystic, occult magician, poet, and founder of the religious philosophy of Thelema,  Aleister Crowley–a.k.a. “the Great Beast,” “the Wickedest Man in the World,” and “the Word of the Aeon”–died in an obscure boarding... Read more


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Everyone is familiar with the phrase, “less is more.” But in business and our personal lives, it often seems like the only way to get more done is by putting in more time—more hours at the office, more days running errands, more time worrying about... Read more

Messages of Life After Death in TESTIMONY OF LIGHT

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For the millions who have enjoyed Proof of Heaven,  Heaven is for Real, To Heaven and Back, and Getting to Heaven, Testimony of Light  is about life after death—and the amazing story of a friendship that endured beyond the veil—published for the... Read more

NOW WRITE! Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

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If you’re looking for expert advice on writing  in the Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror genres, then look no further than NOW WRITE! SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY AND HORROR, edited by Laurie Lamson (on sale February 20, 2014). This brand new book... Read more

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