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Have you ever considering alternative health treatments, but thought that they were too difficult to perform without extensive training? Then Reiki may be for you! Reiki, one of the most widely practiced healing systems in the world, is easy to learn and simple to perform. In her third book on Reiki healing, SELF-HEALING WITH REIKI, highly respected Reiki Master Penelope Quest uses her decades of experience to explore many untapped options for Reiki self-healing, helping readers better understand this important and overlooked aspect of the Reiki practice.

In this adapted excerpt from SELF-HEALING WITH REIKI, Quest explains just how profound your Soul energy—an essential part of Reiki philosophy—can be.

Bringing more spiritual energy (or more of your own Soul or spirit) into yourself is what you do when you intend to channel Reiki into or through yourself. Reiki is part of your Soul energy, or Higher self, which is of an even higher and finer vibration than your aura, and it is absolutely pure, loving, wise and totally unaffected by whatever you think, say or do, because it is always directly linked to the Source—or God, the Universe or whatever other term you are happy with.

The idea that there is more of you than can fit inside your physical body can be quite difficult for some people to comprehend. However I want to put that into perspective with your Soul energy, which is truly immense and unlimited. Try this:


1.)    Imagine standing in a large room. Your aura can easily fill the room.


2.)    Imagine that you are in the middle of a really huge space such as a theater or sports stadium. Your aura could actually spread out even that far around if it needed to.


3.)    Now imagine yourself as just one person surrounded by a huge city like London or New York. Your aura could stretch out for a few blocks, but your Soul energy, or Higher Self, could spread out beyond the edges of the city. Indeed, it could spread out beyond the edges of the country, or even the whole planet or the whole Universe. It is vast, infinite and eternal. And it is connected to all other Souls, and to the Source, at all times, and throughout time.


I’ve described your Soul energy in this way to let you see the enormous power and the potential that you have when you access Reiki, because what you are doing is drawing into yourself more of your own spiritual energy—your Soul energy or Higher Self—only a small amount of which normally resides within your physical body and aura.


The more you use Reiki and the more often you draw it into yourself for treatments or during meditation, the more of your Higher Self remains within your auric field, which is what raises your energy vibrations. The very high vibrations of your Higher Self help you to become increasingly “enlightened”—that is, lighter than the normally dense physical matter of your body—and this leads to greater spiritual awareness, and to an increasing need for personal growth and spiritual development.


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