Julia Cameron’s BLESSINGS Gratitude Cards

For more than two decades, readers have enjoyed the inspiring words of Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way. Last year, she took that classic instructional book on honing your creativity and created a card deck containing 64 cards distilling much of the wisdom of the book called The Artist’s Way Creativity Cards. Now, Julia has created a new card deck–BLESSINGS Gratitude Cards.

Taken from Cameron’s BLESSINGS—a heartwarming book of prayers—the BLESSINGS Gratitude Cards are a daily reminders to the reader of the many ways they can change frustrating circumstances by adopting the spirit of gratitude. These 64 full-color cards will provide the reader with uplifting and inspirational support for their day-to-day lives.

The pursuit of dreams can be a daunting endeavor, one that often forces us to question whether we are capable of achieving a goal we deeply cherish. In BLESSINGS, Julia Cameron illuminates for her readers that focusing on gratitude enables them to recognize the gifts they have already been blessed with. By changing the way we think and embracing an outlook of gratitude, Cameron gives readers the tools they need to reconnect with their creative spirit and explains how she surrenders to the “deeper flow of life rather than willfully forcing artificial solutions.”

Examine some of the beautifully vibrant cards from this deck HERE.

You can purchase BLESSINGS Gratitude Cards from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound.

This has been a busy month for Julia Cameron, her latest programming book, THE PROSPEROUS HEART: Creating a Life of “Enough”, just came out in paperback.

One of the most-asked questions Cameron hears from the students she teaches is, “How can I live the creative life but still pay my mortgage?”

Now, Cameron addresses the financial issue, one of the primary blocks to creativity in THE PROSPEROUS HEART: Creating a Life of “Enough.”

Prosperity isn’t a fiscal bottom line, Cameron asserts. Rather, “prospering is something we can do, right now, today, no matter how much money we have.” To aid us cultivating a prosperous heart, Cameron outlines a 12-week program, offering concrete tools and practices to help us. She explains important steps in the process, including determining spending habits, dismantling negativity, de-cluttering our lives, and figuring out what “enough” means for us.

Read an excerpt from The Prosperous Heart: HERE.

You can purchase The Prosperous Heart at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound.



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