How Positive or Negative is Your Money Talk?

From the moment you wake up and think about that first cup of coffee from the café down the street to the last second before you drift off to sleep pondering what bills still need paid, so many of your thoughts and actions revolve around money. It is—for better or worse–as intricately linked to your life and well-being as friends & family, health, passions, work, etc. But did you ever think that your attitude toward money and/or your own financial state could actually impact your finances?

According to Leanne Jacobs, author of BEAUTIFUL MONEY, habitual thoughts such as “I’m always broke” or “It’s so hard to make money” or “I will never be wealthy” actually prime our brains to believe it’s the truth. But fortunately, Jacobs says we have the power to turn that negativity around.

The first step in her plan: be loving and brave enough to be honest with ourselves about what we say. This helps build self-awareness so that we can recognize that the words we speak in relation to money have power. Take Jacobs’ simple quiz below to see where you stand:


How Positive or Negative is Your Money Talk?

Rate yourself from 1 (Never) to 5 (Often)

      Money stresses me out

      I am afraid I won’t have enough

      I will always be in debt

      I am afraid of money

      I fear managing money

      I am afraid to have too much

      I avoid my money situation

      I am not worthy of wealth

      You have to be great at sales to make lots of money

      You have to compromise your values to create wealth

      You have to become a workaholic to create wealth

      I am leery or jealous of wealthy people
      Wealth will change me

      Money is confusing and complicated

      I will lose friends if I create wealth

      I am too busy to create wealth

      I don’t know enough to create wealth

      I don’t have the right people around me

      I am destined to stay at the status quo

      I am angry at money

      I don’t have what it takes to create wealth

      I am afraid of losing money

      I spend as a way of avoiding emotions

      I fear having to financially take care of myself

      I am dependent on others for money

      I lose sleep over money


Add up your total number, and check out how your Money Talk is below:

Score: 27-55

You speak the Beautiful Money language! You are living with lightness and abundance when it comes to money. You are right on track and are doing phenomenally. Financial greatness is within your reach—with some fine-tuning. Work on creating more clarity and space, as well as stepping even further out of your comfort zone when it comes to your finances and income streams. Make creating clarity in your life a daily intention. This program will help you challenge yourself to soar even higher, to create even more light and freedom.

Score: 56-90

You seek Beautiful Money but there may be some mental, emotional, and physical clutter that’s holding you back from a more joyful, more abundant, more connected relationship with money—which we’ll address later in the program. The brilliant news is that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, primed for greatness. You are ready right now for an entirely new level of abundance and success. Replacing old habits with new ones, money mantras, creating greater clarity and focus is key. Pay attention to the Principles and the lessons over the next two weeks because you’re about to flow more and force less!

Score: 91-135

There is no better time than today to commit to your new chapter. Remember that you deserve the best and are destined for greatness. It’s time to stop avoiding your relationship with money. Release your issues from your tissues. Take a deep exhale and get psyched for the abundance that is on its way. Forgive yourself for any bad money habits or management in the past and commit to a successful, bright, empowered new beginning starting RIGHT NOW. Regardless of your circumstances, you are in the driver’s seat for your results starting today. Take the leap from riding in the passenger’s seat and start plotting your own path! Your work will be to let go of any past mistakes and judgments and clear your mental and emotional slate for a fresh and fun beginning. Be gentle and kind with yourself. You are right on track and on schedule.

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