Mother’s Day: A Gift Guide

It’s easy to let Mother’s Day become a time for roses, a quick phone call, and then back to business as usual. But let’s face it, our mothers deserve more than mere flowers. Whether your mom is the type who appreciates gifts with a handmade touch, enjoys a rollicking memoir that will take her back to her early days of motherhood, or simply loves cats, we’ve got a gift list that will help you express your understanding and appreciation sans the sappy Hallmark card.

Pure Entertainment: The Unmumsy Mum

Moms know the feeling all too well: exhaustion, frustration, confusion. When it comes to literature on parenting, the market is flooded with myriad ideas about what good parenting should look like but, as your mom knows, the reality is far less romantic—and way funnier. With the sass and self-deprecating humor of Bridget Jones, Sara Turner shares the ups and downs of early parenthood in a way that will make your mom laugh and nostalgically recall your early, less glamorous baby years.

Simple Solutions for DIY Moms: Forgotten Ways for Modern Days

Does your mom eschew the popular cleaners and detergents on the market for less toxic, homespun methods? Or appreciate how everyday household items like baking soda can be used for so much more than deodorizing a refrigerator? Then get her a copy of Forgotten Ways for Modern Days. It’s perfect for someone who prefers the simple solutions of yore. From brightening your whites, to making a plethora of beeswax concoctions, this book brings the best time-tested methods to a modern audience.

An Essential Tool for the DIY Gifter: Homemade Beauty

Were you always the overachiever growing up? The one who plans out your gift for Mother’s Day days or even weeks in advance? Then check out Homemade Beauty and make a special hand cream or sugar scrub for Mom. It’s easy to buy the latest beauty or health product, but so often these are over-priced and ineffective! Homemade Beauty offers inexpensive, effective, and safe recipes for your hair, skin, and even your home. Whether you gift the book to a crafty mom or decide to make her a gift basket filled with goodies that have your personal touch, this book is the place to start.

For the Mom Who Needs to Decompress: 10 Mindful Minutes: A Journal

When one person in a household is stressed, it often impacts everyone else. Anger, fear, and stress all take a toll. That’s why Goldie Hawn—as part of her MindUP Program—sought to bring mothers and their families a solution for when times get tough. Her journal provides prompts and exercises to guide you to a fuller practice of mindfulness no matter your current level of experience.

An Interactive Option: Look at Us Now

What better gift is there for moms than to take part in an activity that will draw her children and family closer together? Open up a creative space with Look at Us Now by flipping to any page and working interactively with the whole family. Share your sweet memories and doodle, draw and celebrate your differences. In the end, your mom will have more than just a book; she’ll have a keepsake.

Just Because: Men & Cats

If your mom is a cat-lover, this is a no brainer. Give it to her for the cute kittens, knowing that she’ll really savor the hot men. And if your mom is more of a dog person, well, keep this gift idea stashed away until for the holidays: Men & Dogs is coming this Fall!