NO GOODBYES: What Happens After Death?

No Goodbyes Cover


What happens after death?

The question is as old as time, and it’s one we meditate on every once in a blue moon. Whether we’re prompted to consider the afterlife due to a loss in the family, a near-death experience, or a spontaneous wave of curiosity, we need answers. Medium Barry Eaton offered up a compelling argument in his book Afterlife: Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death, and he’s back with more.

In No Goodbyes: Life-Changing Insights from the Other Side, the medium reveals new information about the spirit world: destiny and free will, the spiritual effects of negativity, and overall insights into the bigger picture. Together, these subsets contribute fascinating dimensions to our holistic understanding of the mystery.

Needless to say, the afterlife has always been an amorphous concept that’s thrived throughout time and across cultures in variations that are as detailed as they are diverse. But No Goodbyes promises to offer new information from spirits who already exist in advanced stages of life after death — and according to Eaton, things are different beyond life as we know it.

Time, for instance, simply doesn’t exist. Here’s a passage from the book on the subject:

“We are observed by those in the world of spirit as trapping ourselves as slaves to time in our earthly lives, from the moment we open our eyes each morning, probably to the sound of an alarm clock for most people. The constraints around time are a very difficult cycle to break, I am told. When he first returned home in the afterlife, John found it difficult to adjust to the complete absence of time, and he admits he is still working on this, even after being there for several earth years. He described his mind as still being ‘humanish,’ which means he rises at the same ‘time’ and feels he has to meet someone at a set ‘time.’ However, in the afterlife there is only the state of the precise moment, or being ‘in the now,’ as it is often referred to these days. In fact, John does not have to sleep — it’s not needed in the afterlife — but sometimes chooses to do so out of habit.”