Our 5 Favorite Social Media Stars Turned Authors

It’s no secret that the growth of social media has forever changed the way we communicate, but it’s also given rise to a new form of celebrity – the internet star. Platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and Vine have enabled creative voices to make themselves heard by millions.

The power of their voices, however, is not limited to internet. There are more and more online sensations taking their messages offline and onto the printed page, writing books that inspire, inform, and make us laugh (sry, LOL).

Below we’ve gathered our five favorite internet celebrities turned authors for your reading pleasure. Take a look at who has blogged, vined, ‘gramed, etc., their way into our hearts – and our libraries.


Matthew Santoro, author of MIND = BLOWN

  1. Matthew Santoro

Matthew Santoro has been making us laugh, think, and furiously fact check for years with his YouTube series, “50 Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind.” In his new book Mind = Blown, he’s compiled 200+ pages of facts that – for lack of a better term – will blow your mind. For example, did you know the governments of ancient Persia debated all laws twice – once while sober and once while drunk – to make sure they sounded good in both states?? Also, did you know you should buy this book? Hopefully, the answer to that last one is yes.

  1. Jeffrey Marsh

Jeffrey uses social media to inspire and promote exuberant self love. Now he’s taking his message, which has primarily been shared in 6 second vine clips, even further with How to Be You. In the book, Jeffrey shares his  personal story of “growing up fabulous in a small farming town” as well as tips and activities, like keeping a daily joy list, that will help you see that the only person you should be striving to be is YOU.

  1. Marie-Eva Gatuingt and Alice Chaygneaud

Ever thought about how similar men are to cats? (Hint: they’re both fickle, both adorable, and both make up all the best parts of the internet.) Marie-Eva Gatuingt and Alice Chaygneaud thought about it in 2013 when they started their amazing blog “Des Hommes et des Chatons” where they curated photographs of hot men and unbelievably cute cats posed in strikingly similar ways. Now, you can peruse the best of “Des Hommes et des Chatons” without wifi with their book Men and Cats.

  1. Tyler Knott Gregson

Just because you have hundreds of thousands of Tumblr followers doesn’t mean you reject the physical world. Poet and photographer Tyler Knott Gregson certainly proves that. Gregson gained a huge online following by sharing his poems, all written on found paper using a typewriter or through the blackout method. His two collections of beautiful poems (and equally beautiful photographs), Chasers of the Light: Poems from the Typewriter Series and All the Words Are Yours: Haiku on Love will make you long for the world pre-internet – if only for just a moment.

  1. Adam J. Kurtz

If you’re trying to add some non-meme related laughs to your feed, start by following graphic designer Adam J. Kurtz. Adam’s illustrations are filled with honesty, humor, and a little bit of darkness. More than that though, many of his designs push you to engage creatively – even if it means taking a break from your phone. Who knew you could get tens of thousand of followers by getting off of the internet? You can expect even more laughter and moments of inspiration from his interactive creative journals, 1 Page At a Time and Pick Me Up.



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