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Every Dog Has A Gift by Rachel McPherson (coming out Oct 13) is an inspiring coll-ection of true stories about ordinary dogs who bring hope and healing into people’s lives when they need it most. From Jessica, the three legged mutt that inspired a child who had lost his leg in a car accident, to Winnie, the lab that empowered a blind woman to pursue her love of horse riding and sailing, the dogs in this book will open your eyes and warm your heart.  Check out a few of the therapy dogs featured in the book at work:

Author Rachel McPherson with her therapy dog, Fidel

Fidel, with author Rachel McPherson, comforted families who lost loved ones on 9/11.

Frankie the three-legged therapy dog, outfitted with a special harness

Three-legged Frankie proudly sports a 'Good Dog' bandanna along with his special harness.

A golden Labrador service dog poses in the midst of opening the door.

Pax, a Freedom Service Dog, pauses mid-task to pose. Formerly homeless, he now helps individuals with physical and emotional disabilities live more independently.

Service dog Chad helps Milo deal with his autism and sleep soundly

Service dog Chad helps Milo manage his autism and sleep soundly

A 'Good Dog' listens patiently as struggling reader makes progress in the "Reading with Dogs" program.

A 'Good Dog' listens patiently as a struggling reader makes progress in the "Reading with Dogs" program.

Curious to learn more about everyday dogs and their work as service animals? Want to help?


8 Responses to “PHOTO GALLERY: Every Dog Has A Gift”
  1. Risa Hisel says:

    Oh my gosh, this brought a tear to my eye. My 17 year old rescue comforts and supports me every day, even as she is needing more care and comfort in her old age.

  2. Irene Majuk says:

    I love these pictures and the stories sound wonderful. I want to go home right now and hug my little dog.

  3. michael says:

    I met this dog at the local shelter she is amazing and I thought a perfect fit for what you all are doing. thx for consideration in advance,
    If you would like unconditional love from a true friend for life click the link ask for Panini, She’s for adoption, beautiful, smart, loves to cuddle, very friendly loves to play 1 yr old small lab. Please help get this great dog out of the cage she has to live in.

  4. Dahlia says:

    Thank You Ms. Betty White for sharing this Information of about Man’s Best Friend. Every Dog has his Gift seems like a Wonderful and Inspirational Book. I will find time to Read This One.

    Thank You once again to you and The Good Dog Foundation ~ 2011

    Mastic, New York

  5. Becky Toney says:

    I am glad all our dogs have been rescue dogs, and each one of them have been my “service dog” at times. There is something about the heart of a dog that allows them to give their all because they love you more than you ever thought an animal could love a human. They will give their all, and just ask for a smile or a pat on the head in return, and that thrills their heart. This book Every Dog Has His Gift sounds like such a good book!

  6. elizabeth says:

    I have 2 dogs,a rotti shepherd n a black Lab who make my life so happy and I dont know what I would do without my babies who always bring a smile to me,Im disabled but happy I have these 2 loving companions who also sleep with me. Im truly blessed

  7. AWESOME ! I am an officers mom and the widow of a veteran and these animals I know GOD put here for a special purpose. Years ago, I worked in a store and we had a customer who at times would bring her dog in with permission, she trained them for disabled children and they were coming home with her for the weekend. They were awesome to watch. They could pick up the phone, fetch a particular item out of many. They were awesome and this is something that has always interested me. I LOVE DOGS. My husband always said that “DOGS” were GODS most special animal, I said, “Where do you get that at, HE loves all them and my husband said because “DOG” is GOD spelled backwards. I do love the LORD and I love HIS animals too !! May GOD BLESS YOU ! ANN

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