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Last week Oprah Winfrey selected some of her favorite episodes to run on OWN-TV’s  THE BEST OF OPRAH and one was devoted to Sophy Burnham discussing her New York Times bestselling book A BOOK OF ANGELS and the existence of angels in our lives.

Sophy Burnham recently revised and updated A BOOK OF ANGELS, but when she originally wrote it, she inspired a phenomenon. This beautiful book not only tells the extraordinary true stories of present-day encounters with angels, but also traces the study of angels throughout history and in different cultures. Burnham writes about the powerful male angels, Buddhist bodhisattvas, Islamic angels, Hindu Apsaras, the mysterious angels of the Jewish Kabbalah, cherubim, seraphim, guardian angels, the angel of death, and others.

What are angels? What do they look like? Whom do they choose to visit? Why do they appear sometimes and not others, and would you recognize one if it appeared before you? With great feeling, Burnham offers an eloquent report from the place where earth and heaven meet. A wondrous journey into the world of angels, this book is a song of praise to life.

Read an excerpt from A BOOK OF ANGELS HERE.

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Praise for A BOOK OF ANGELS:

“A golden conjunction of heaven and earth…reminding us that there are angels in every religion.” –The Washington Post

“As far as angels are concerned, now you see them, now you don’t. A Book of Angels gives us a lovely, sustained glimpse.” –Chicago Tribune


17 Responses to “Sophy Burnham’s A BOOK OF ANGELS on BEST OF OPRAH”
  1. Jeanie Stone says:

    yes there are angels, but remember satan was an angel also and God himself kick him out of heaven and now he is called a demon, beware of false teaching and doctrine because since satan took 1/3 of heavens angels with him do you not think that these lying deceiving demon (spirits) wont show themselves as being angels of Gods angels . There is only one plan of salvation as Peter explained on the day of Pentecost in the book of Acts you can read it for yourself. all these other so called religions are man made. false teachings and false prophets!!

    • Barbara Bell says:

      Jeanie Stone,

      This is your opinion, and your belief, but not the opinion of enlighten people which is growing in leaps and bound. Those that teach fear, are coming from man, those that teach love are coming from God. I use to be one of those people, before my eyes were opened. There are many distortions in the bible, and fables being excepted as perfect truth. The bible was translated so many times from one language to another, original words were changed accoring to the culture translating, and the understanding they had, many wanted to create fear for control of the people, and they succeeded. Many original truths were deleted, and many of the teachings changed, it is time to take the blinders off, we have had most of our lives.

    • mina fowler says:

      I totally agree with u Jeanie Stone

    • connie hall says:

      @Barbara Bell…What Jeanie was saying was be careful. There are angles good and bad. Don’t be fooled by the Devil in sheeps clothing. There is only one true way of salvation and that is through Jesus Christ…not any angel. It’s not an opinion, if you believe the Bible to be true, it’s a fact. Sure there are angels, but be careful they come in both forms.

    • Betti says:

      And this is why we are at war with each other! Really! Just Christianity will do?? Woa that’s an awful lot of people going to hell, if Jesus is the only way!!! Christianity is also MANMADE!!

    • Linda says:

      Jeanie Stone,

      This is an excellent yet true statement! I appreciate your integrity and stand for the Mighty God we serve. The Bible clearly warns us of false teachings and false prophets! Thank you.

  2. Angels DO EXIST! I was one that didn’t believe in Angels, but when I had an encounter with one years ago that dissapeared on me in broad daylight and then in March of 2011, receiving an angel coin, I was convinced they are with us.
    I use to be one to make fun of Christian with all those angels and demon stories, and honestly thought they only existed in the bible…but man, was I wrong. God knocked me on my butt a few times to prove that they’re with me.

  3. Ruthe Olmsted says:

    Horse pucky.

  4. Sharon B says:

    You are both right…you live and experience what you believe…

  5. Madonna says:

    Angels do exist, I encountered one in an automobile accident. I thought I imagined her, but found her years later in perfect human form… Angels exist.

  6. Karen Hoyle says:

    I love to read and am glad Oprah likes this book; however, I don’t need a book because I have experienced Angels before

  7. Julie Harker says:

    Whats wrong with believing in something as beautiful as angels. It comforts people. Why twist it into something ugly?

  8. Manijeh says:

    I have seen them and now 100% sure they are around us. One of sunny beautiful morning of Spring , driving to work no traffic which I could see 200 feet front of myself . driving with very peaceful feeling no traffic either . All of a sudden a dark van came front of me and the same time I saw a guy just look like a free way workers ,with helmet and khaki pans and the belt which so many tools hanging from his belt very nice olive skin appeared front of van from my left side. He attempted to cross the free way . I Looked in the mirror another car coming to my right side I had no any other choice escape I had to stay on my line . I start to slow down I saw he was going to Cross from I just closed my eyes and start to pray . I saw the van went over him It was dessert FOR ME FOR THAT SECOND . When the black van” went over him ” . my heart was going crazy . More crazy when I did not see any accident nor any crash sound , nothing happened at all . I had no control on my shaking knees. At that moment did not think about anything else just were thankful everything went okay . When I went back home from work did all preparation for dinner and after dinner ,sat down and rewind all the things I saw in the morning. I did realized that moment was very spiritual moment for me . I was chosen to see other side of my world . I have few more all happened when I was driving on freeway .

  9. know ther are angels among us have not seenthem but know i have onr that protects me I always ask for the angels help

  10. Manijeh says:

    Jut I want to say I love Oprah and wish to see you in person and give a hug .

  11. Lourdes says:

    I also choose to believe in heavenly Angels. They’re very inspiring and they are all around us. We just have to relax, breath and be still to tune into them. Not a lot of people can be still these days, with all the running around and things to always be done. But if we practice stillness and faith we do indeed get touched by Angels. Whether in a dangerous situation or just asking their help to make it to an appointment on time. It’s worked for me many times. I just call upon them in a time of crisis and the outcome is always a positive one. Coincidence, I don’t think so!! There are many cynics out there and they have a right to believe in whatever they want, but how sad that they don’t know that there is an invisible power that we all can tune into that is given to us by God to help us in our everyday lives. Love you Angels and Thanks again for all your help throughout the years!! 🙂

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