5 Life Lessons from Naya Rivera

Life is filled with successes, missteps, and lessons learned. You get angry at your boyfriend and say something instantly regrettable in the heat of the moment. Or you fail your way through a Philosophy class only to realize that you weren’t cut out to be a Philosophy major anyway…

With her trials and tribulations as a childhood actress, Naya Rivera has been there and done that. Try having your mother be both your parent and manager. And imagine achieving modest fame as a childhood actress and then realizing no one wants to cast you when you’re an awkward adolescent. Naya has more than a few hard-won lessons to share—some she regrets and others she now understands you don’t have to apologize for!


You can love your body AND take care of it.

Sorry: Starving myself crazy. This did a number on my physical and mental health, and I owe my body a big apology.

Not Sorry: Boob job. I’m thankful every day for this cleavage!


Money really can’t buy you happiness.

Sorry: Buying cars I couldn’t afford. Eff the Mercedes—I should have gotten a Honda.

Not Sorry: That I didn’t grow up rich. Having to work for what I want means I appreciate it that much more.


In order to go after your dreams, you might have to make some sacrifices—just be sure you don’t go overboard!

Sorry: At-home highlights and DIY hair extensions: some things are best left to the experts, and hair dye is one of them.

Not Sorry: Three planes, a train, and two buses to get to New York. Hey, whatever it takes…


Never stop believing—even when the smalls stuff’s got you down.

Sorry: The crunchy ringlet curls in my ponytail from seasons one to three of Glee.

Not Sorry: Playing Santana Lopez—a character who meant so much to so many people. And don’t forget all the life-long friends I made working on the show!


It’s OK to change your opinions and to grow, but stick to your values.

Sorry: Not being the most careful about safe sex. It only takes one instance of getting caught up in the moment to change you life forever.

Not Sorry: Holding on to my virginity until after high school, and the losing it on my terms.

post by Tyler Fields
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