Spring Clean Your Mind with 3 Simple Exercises

After living in an apartment for over two years, I bought a house and got my dad to help me move. My dad, a former military man, is impeccably neat. Dust never settles on base moldings at his house and his eight-year-old Toyota still has the new car smell. In contrast, I operate a bit less orderly, as it were.

For instance, when Dad helped move my sofa from the wall in my apartment, I was mortified beyond measure. I’m pretty sure my dad looked at me like he wasn’t sure how we were related, then waffled between horror and amusement, before chiding me in a tone that he knew would make me turn multiple shades of purple.

At any rate, this humiliating occurrence made me resolve to take on spring cleaning every year. If for no other reason, it will also help clear my conscience. Interestingly, the exercise of cleaning not only eliminates the humiliation of being discovered by a considerably neater family member but also makes you feel like you have cleaned out your mind, as well.

It seems to me that we often need this kind of mental spring cleaning. The hustle of the holidays and the agendas of the New Year can leave a lot of us with minds full of mental dust bunnies. So, inspired by my resolve to take on annual spring cleaning for the wellness of my home and mind, here are three exercises from I AM HERE NOW by The Mindfulness Project – a fun and useful compilation of mindfulness exercises designed to help you clean out mental cobwebs and start fresh. Feel free to print out this page and mark it up:

~Post by Kelli, nonfiction reader, skeptical spiritual seeker, reluctant Pisces, and blocked artist

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