3 Surprising Ways to Stay Stress Proof

You might see talk of panic attacks, heightened anxiety levels, and need for safe spaces on social media quite a bit lately. Let’s face it, there are many things to be stressed about—whether it’s work, home, or world events. In fact, in 2012 the American Psychological Association suggested we were on the verge of a stress-induced public health crisis. This greatly weighs down on our ability to lead productive, healthy lives. So what can we do?

Mithu Storoni lays out a number of ways to combat stress in her eye-opening new book STRESS-PROOF. We know that meditation can help bring peace of mind, but did you know that adding yogurt to your diet has a measurable, positive impact on your stress level? Check out these three simple and surprising things you can do right now to help soothe the stress away.

Don’t relax. We all know the adage, “it does not do to dwell.” It turns out, this has a much larger impact on our mental health than we ever knew. It might be tempting to relax and rest after a stressful encounter, but when we let our minds sit idly, we surrender to the stress of negative thoughts. This opens the flood gates to anxiety and further stress, so it’s important to engage our minds in order to avoid the snowball effect. You can try something simple like playing a game on your phone or immersing yourself in a project. But remember—the activity should be challenging enough to truly engage your mind so it detaches from the stress.

Add more yogurt to your diet. Your physical, mental, and emotional wellness are all interconnected, so it makes sense that when you feel poor physically, you will also perceive a greater sense of mental unease. A study has found that eating 100g of probiotic natural yogurt every day for six weeks reduced people’s general perceived anxiety and stress!

Put some pep in your step. Who hasn’t tried to combat the stress of the day with physical activity? It’s time to take things one step further with by adding a little precision. Running at exactly 126 beats per minute is optimum for protecting against insulin resistance. Take it a step further—by increasing your body temperature from the average 98.6 degrees to 102.2 degrees, you will increase the concentration of “free” thyroxine (responsible for euphoria) by 23%. Looks like it’s time for a run or trip to your nearest sauna!

These tips were taken from STRESS-PROOF, available at these retailers:

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