Suicide Prevention Week: A Relevant Read

“You are not alone in this,” writes Jaime Tworkowski in his New York Times bestseller If You Feel Too Much. It’s a fact that many forget when they’re struggling with issues like heartbreak, illness, anxiety, and depression, but it’s an essential message to highlight for Suicide Prevention Week (Sept 5-11).

We all have our ways of coping with the stuff life throws our way. But, too often, in our darkest moments, we’re afraid to reach out to others, believing that showing vulnerability may cause our family and friends to see us as failures.

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“And So I Kept Living” awareness campaign from To Write Love On Her Arms

In his book and in his work with his nonprofit, To Write Love On Her Arms, Tworkowski reminds us that we’re never truly alone. Rather, we’re all interconnected, and small acts of kindness can make a huge impact in a person’s life. If you’re hurt, having a bad day or feel that every day is a struggle, below are some key takeaways from the expanded edition of If You Feel Too Much:

It’s okay to ask for help

When you’re feeling stuck or hopeless, know that there are other people who have been in your situation who can talk you through this. No one expects you to be able to solve all of your problems on your own. You’re not weak for wanting help. You’re strong to realize that we weren’t meant to deal with the heavy stuff alone.

It’s okay to slow down

Who doesn’t feel pressured to keep up with their peers? Social media makes it easy to see which of your old classmates have great jobs, new apartments, and happy families. But you can’t compare yourself to others. Everything happens in time. You may feel lost right now, but know you still have so much time ahead of you. Don’t treat life like a contest that you can’t win.

You are not alone in this

 Yes, it’s worth repeating… Some days, you may feel like you have no one of your side, but you do! There are so many people in this world that feel alone. Know that others are sharing in your struggle, are also having bad days, and also wish someone would reach out to them. And know that it’s okay to reach back.


If you or anyone you know is seriously considering suicide, please do not be afraid to ask for help. For an extensive list of resources, including helplines, counseling and treatment locators, and support groups, please visit

post by Ashley D’Achille

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