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Tarcher/Penguin publishes a number of books of how to cultivate a happier, healthier and more sustainable you. Here are six titles that will inspire, calm, enlighten and heal you.

Power of KindnessThe Power of Kindness by Piero Ferrucci

“A book after my own heart.”—His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

The leading transpersonal psychologist reveals the surprising secret to a happy life: acting with kindness.  This book has sold more than 100,000 copies. The Power of Kindness is a stirring examination of a simple but profound concept. Piero Ferrucci explores the many surprising facets of kindness and argues that it is this trait that will not only lead to our own individual happiness and the happiness of those around us, but will guide us in a world that has become cold, anxious, difficult, and frightening.

Read an excerpt HERE

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Whole Health by Dr. Mark Mincolla

Discover the Whole Health Healing System—Dr. Mark Mincolla’s holistic approach mixing classical eastern medicine, personalized nutrition, and energy medicine. In Whole Health (available Dec. 26), Dr. Mark Mincolla outlines the Whole Health Healing System, his unique method based on more than thirty years’ experience as a holistic medical practitioner. This system integrates elements of classical Chinese medicine, personalized nutrition, and extrasensory energy medicine, while inspiring, empowering, and teaching how to attain balance in body, mind, and spirit.

Read an excerpt HERE

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Buddha's_Book_of_Stress_ReductionBuddha’s Book of Stress Reduction by Joseph Emet

The author of the award-winning Buddha’s Book of Sleep is back with a guide to reducing stress and developing a peaceful and relaxed attitude. No, it is not all in your head: life is stressful, and some lives more so than others. Yet people react to the same situations differently, and recognizing the difference between what we can control and what we can’t is crucial for stress management—and it is an awakening in and of itself. This practical book is designed to bring the benefits of mindfulness meditation practice to stress reduction. Unlike other stress-reduction books, Buddha’s Book of Stress Reduction (available Dec. 26) also helps you develop the positive values of a calm and constructive attitude. It takes you from stress—where many of us find ourselves—to well-being.

Read an excerpt HERE

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10-Step_Stress_SolutionThe 10-Step Stress Solution by Neil Shah

This handy guide offers a10-step plan to managing your stress levels at work and at home—from the founder of The Stress Management Society. Too busy to get everything done? Lie awake at night worrying and fretting? It is all too easy to feel out of control in the modern world. With so many demands on your time, you can feel overstretched and overburdened. However, there are easy ways to gain control and banish your worries for good. The 10-Step Stress Solution (available Dec. 26) offers a simple 10-step plan with practical solutions for regaining control of your life. Find out how to:

  • Manage your time—at work and at home
  • Improve your concentration and motivation
  • Regain your balance and lift your mood
  • Get a good night’s sleep and stop worrying

Read an excerpt HERE

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Power_of_YouThe Power of You by Chris Michaels

Practical, motivating, and inspiring ways to discover the potential within you—from one of today’s most exciting spiritual teachers! Successful people will often say that when they’re at their peak performance level, they feel a sense of some other presence with them—something beyond themselves. That other presence seems bigger than their own talent or personality. The Power of You (available Dec. 26) guides readers in discovering the other presence that resides within all of us. As author and spiritual director Chris Michaels shows, once we are able to tap into this presence, we can use it to help improve every aspect of our lives.

Read an excerpt HERE

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The Power of Meditation by Edward ViljoenPower_of_Meditation

This wise and highly readable guide to the benefits of meditation practices will help you cultivate a calm, peaceful, and enlightened lifestyle. his wise and delightful guide to the benefits of meditation practices will help readers cultivate a calm, peaceful, and enlightened lifestyle. Drawing from his years of experience as a teacher, spiritual leader, and avid meditator, Edward Viljoen directs readers down the path to enlightenment using wisdom such as:

  • Mindfulness practices—Train yourself to become absorbed in a purposefully chosen activity.
  • Sitting practices—Reduce the use of mental and physical resources as much as possible by sitting still and silently.
  • Creative practices—Employ such devices as journaling, observing, and focusing on a favorite literary or spiritual passage.

 Read an excerpt HERE

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Take a Breather on Relaxation Day

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Wishing you could relax more? Well now you have to – it’s a national holiday! Celebrate Relaxation Day this Thursday with these Tarcher titles:

untitledTHE POWER OF MEDITATION by Edward Viljoen

Drawing on his years as a teacher, spiritual leader, and avid meditator, Edward Viljoen offers an insightful and accessible guide to the benefits of meditation practices in THE POWER OF MEDITATION. Peppered throughout with personal anecdotes and stories from the author’s spiritual teachings, this book is not just a simple how-to book; rather, it is an enjoyable reading experience that assists readers in cultivating a calm, peaceful, and enlightened lifestyle.

Available on AmazonBarnes&Noble or IndieBound!




BuddhasBookOfSleep-300x300BUDDHA’S BOOK OF SLEEP by Joseph Emet

BUDDHA’S BOOK OF SLEEP is the first book to address sleep disturbances with techniques from mindfulness meditation. Divided into two sections, the book approaches sleep deprivation with a combination of wisdom and practical meditation exercises. The first section explains why mindfulness meditation, with its basis in self-awareness, is appropriate for dealing with sleeping problems, and details the practices of this increasingly popular form of meditation. The second section features seven specific exercises to do at bedtime or in the wee hours of the morning, or whenever your sleeping trouble occurs.  Providing a new perspective on why you cannot fall asleep even when you feel exhausted, and arming you with easy-to-use mindfulness meditation exercises, BUDDHA’S BOOK OF SLEEP will help you calm your hurried thoughts, and go from feeling always sleepy to getting the rest you need. Stay tuned for Emet’s latest book, BUDDHA’S BOOK OF STRESS REDUCTION, out 12/26/13.

Available on AmazonBarnes & Noble, or Indiebound.


9781101616031_p0_v1_s260x420LIVING THE REIKI WAY by Penelope Quest

Penelope Quest’s latest book on the Reiki, LIVING THE REIKI WAY, employs a variety of Reiki techniques , as well as other healing methods to guide readers in achieving Reiki founder Dr. Mikao Usi’s core principles. Geared towards anyone interested in personal growth and spiritual development, LIVING THE REIKI WAY teaches readers how to live with Reiki Principles in today’s chaotic society, and how these principles can help them on their personal journey to long-term happiness and contentment.

Available on AmazonB&N, or IndieBound.





TappingIntoWealthTAPPING INTO WEALTH by Margaret M. Lynch

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as Tapping, has become a popular tool for realizing goals, as evidenced by the recent New York Times bestseller The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner. For many of us, one of our main aspirations is to flourish in our careers and, by extension, in our finances. Yet limiting beliefs and fears keep people stuck in their current financial states. EFT uses the fingertips to tap on acupuncture points while emotionally tuning in to negative attitudes and past experiences, allowing people to transform their thoughts and feelings. Margaret M. Lynch teaches people how to harness the power of Tapping to identify and clear the blocks to prosperity.

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or IndieBound.



9781585420209[1]BIKRAM’S BEGINNING YOGA CLASS by Bikram Choudry

Bikram Choudhury is an yoga guru, best known as the the founder of Bikram Yoga, a form of hot yoga performed in a series of 26 hatha yoga postures performed in an environment upwards of 105 degrees Fahrenheit. BIKRAM’S BEGINNING YOGA CLASS contains suggestions for maintaining proper yoga practice, a section on the medical benefits of yoga, notes from Bikram’s students, and a good dose of Bikram humor and philosophy.

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Other recommended reads…

LittleBkEnergyMedicine-292x300THE LITTLE BOOK OF ENERGY MEDICINE by Donna Eden

THE LITTLE BOOK OF ENERGY MEDICINE is a simple, easy-to-use “pocket guide” to one of the most powerful alternative health practices in existence today. The book features a “Five Minute Daily Energy Routine” to restore the body’s natural energy flow, in addition to information on specific energy medicine exercises that can help combat a host of health conditions from headaches and nausea to insomnia and the common cold. THE LITTLE BOOK OF ENERGY MEDICINE is essential reading for anyone looking to improve general health and well-being. Read more here!

Tarcher’s #FridayReads – July 5

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FridayReadsCheck out all the great books the folks here at Tarcher are personally reading (and get a sneak peek at upcoming books and projects)! What are you picking up next? Tell us in our comments or tweet to us at: @TarcherBooks.


Joel Fotinos, Vice President / Publisher:

“Another week, another Sookie Stackhouse book…  This week I’m reading book 10 in the Sookie Stackhouse series, which is called Dead in the Family.”

Editor’s Note: Your co-workers Brianna & Kevin must agree! They’ve already hit the end of the series (as they told us previously) – will you guys have a book club after you’ve finished?


Mitch Horowitz, Editor-in-Chief (@mitchhorowitz):

The Book of the Law — This classic from the pen of Aleister Crowley deserves a wholly new sounding and second look today. It is brilliant.”

**Editor’s Note: Gary Lachman has a biography on him coming out this spring – check it out!


ShogunBrianna Yamashita, Director of Publicity & Marketing:

Shogun by James Clavell is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It’s meaty, full of intrigue and more than a thousand pages long. But the storytelling is so compelling that you whip through it quickly – too quickly, as I was loathe to have it end.”

**Editor’s Note: Perfect book for the holiday weekend!


 Kevin Howell, Marketing Manager:

“I wish when I was younger someone had given me the piece of advice I’m about to give you: Hold on to every book you enjoyed. I started working in a bookstore when I was 16 and by the time I moved from Michigan to NYC, I had so many books that when I changed apartments, I often never unpacked about a dozen boxes of books that sat in my apartment’s storage unit until it was time to move again. Knowing that there would be less room in NYC than in Michigan, I had a yard sale and sold most of my books before I moved. This was before ebay—so signed copies of Stephen King, Clive Barker and Robert Heinlein went for less than $5 each. But, that’s not the reason you should hold onto books you love. The reason you need to hold onto them is because…sooner than you think, you’re going to start re-buying the books you sold. Now that I’ve passed 50, I’m suddenly realizing that beloved books I read decades ago can now be re-read as if I were reading them for the first time! So, right now, I’m re-reading Donald Spoto’s The Art of Alfred Hitchcock, a gigantic (500+ pages), opinionated and deeply-insightful overview of his 53 films that I originally read when I was 15. It was the most expensive book I ever purchased at that time. Re-reading it makes me glad that I own most of his films on DVD.”

**Editor’s Note: What’s your favorite Hitchcock movie?



Gina Rizzo, Publicist (@GinaRizzo1):

“I’m ashamed to say that I barely read on my vacation.  I spent more time exploring and getting a tan and only finished ONE book, The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen (@sarahdessen).  BUT it was 384 pages (that’s lengthy, right?), and looks thoroughly beach worn (I may or may not have had it in my bag that was beaten back by a wave…).  I’m now weighing my choices for the long weekend…”

**Editor’s Note: No shame in that game. A book is a book is a book.  We encourage reading in all (especially when it happens to be from our @PenguinTeen friends).


Andrew Yackira, Assistant Editor (@acyackira):

“I’m reading the manuscript for Joseph Emet’s new book, Buddha’s Book of Stress Reduction, which will be out in winter of this year!”

**Editor’s Note: Joseph’s first book – Buddha’s Book of Sleep – just won the 2013 COVR Award for Book of the Year!


15783514Gabrielle Moss, Assistant Editor:

“Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself), The Ocean at the End of the Lane, ’nuff said.”

**Editor’s Note: We’ll need some elaboration on that.


Joanna Ng, Editorial Assistant:

“I’m still reading my book from last week, Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton (@ThomasMerton).”


Tess Thomas, Publicity Intern:

“I am currently rereading for the umpteenth time, Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Hitchcock made the novel into a film in 1940, and is one of my favorite book to movie adaptations.”

**Editor’s Note: Sounds like a sinister beach read…