Valentine Books for Couples and Singles Alike!

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Whether you’re going stag on Valentine’s Day or dragging around a ball and chain, here are some great book ideas (or gift ideas!) to get you through the day.

If you’re single:








SEEKING HAPPILY EVER AFTER: Navigating the Ups and Downs of Being Single without Losing Your Mind by Michelle Cove is a practical road map to the challenging and ever-more-lengthy life stage known as singlehood. Packed full of informative sidebars, stories from numerous single women, and advice from an author who’s traveled this confusing road herself, this book offers readers the tools they need to be happy in every stage of singlehood.

Read an excerpt HERE.

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ARE ALL GUYS A**HOLES? by Amber Madison debunks the myth that guys are sex-obsessed, commitment-phobic, beer-in-hell-serving assholes. She explains that not only do men find comfort in relationships, they fall in love faster than women, and they fall out of love harder. Just like women, they yearn for emotional connection and companionship. Drawing on the results of Madison’s nationwide survey, which  she administered to more than 1,000 guys over the course of a year, she makes the case that deep down, (most) guys aren’t the jerks that everyone, including themselves, think they are.

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EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN by Erin Bradley outlines ten “types” of guys — based on America’s most beloved and notorious rock stars — to help you decode and take charge of your dating life. Whether you’re with a “Mannish Boy” like Bret Michaels; looking to end a relationship with “Mr. Big Stuff” (i.e., the Kanye Wests of the world); or pining for a “Sweet Child o’ Mine” (Jonas Brothers, anyone?), this book helps you weigh the pros and cons of dating each type. Filled with quizzes, quirky illustrations, and a “who’s who” of rock stars for each type, this book helps readers navigate the men many of us encounter in the dating world.

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If you’re taken:







BEYOND BLAME by Carl Alasko delves deep into the subject of blame, tackling why it’s so harmful and what we can do to banish it from our lives. For most of us, the urge to blame is so ingrained that we do it without thinking. This habit extends from minor situations (a spilled drink) to major ones (war, natural disaster) but, according to Alasko, even the smallest instance of blame carries consequences.

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SHUT UP & DANCE by Jamie Rose is the story of how the author learned what it means to “let go” through dancing, and how it affected the way she lived and loved for the better. In a breezy style full of joie de vivre, Rose  recounts her struggle with romantic relationships—from unhealthy dependency to combative independence—and how the principles of great partner dancing opened her eyes to all the things she had been doing wrong.

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TALK TO ME LIKE I’M SOMEONE YOU LOVE: Expanded & Updated by Nancy Dreyfus highlights the power of written messages to defuse tension and put an end to conflict, offering both sound advice and more than 100 “flashcards for real life” that can be utilized in the heat of the moment. Witnessing the life-changing power of these flashcards in her own therapy sessions, Dreyfus brings this one-of-a-kind relationship tool, along with her extensive and insightful “field notes,” to a broader audience.

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For everyone:


ATTACHED by Amir Levine, M.D. and Rachel Heller – Though many relationship guides tell us how to date, what games to play or how to behave in marriage, few address these questions head on and provide answers based on the latest scientific research. However, that’s exactly what psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dr. Amir Levine and social-organizational psychologist Rachel Heller offer in their accessible and groundbreaking book. Combining facts and clear analysis with engaging personal stories from over 100 interviewees, ATTACHED is a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in the “why” behind their actions and relationships.

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Michelle Cove on the single ladies and documentary that inspired her book

Michelle Cove‘s new book Seeking Happily Ever After started as a documentary.  She explained the inspiration behind it and how it led to the book:

What motivated you to create your feature-length documentary, Seeking Happily Ever After?

About three years ago I started noticing more and more headlines about the rise of single women in the U.S. Over and over, the journalists suggested that single women today are too career-driven to care about marriage. Or else single women over age 30 were portrayed as incredibly desperate to find a man. I didn’t know one single woman who fit into either one of these extreme categories. I wanted to give single women a chance to tell their own story–the real one.

You interviewed numerous women for the documentary. Did you get any surprising feedback from these single women?

Definitely. One of the things that surprised me most is that almost all of us still think about “happily ever after” in the same way we did as little girls—being saved by a prince on a white horse. None of the women I interviewed could easily answer what “happily ever after” looks like to them today as grown women. Most of us have never given it a moment’s thought. That became one of my goals—to give women permission to redefine “happily ever after” in a new way that works for them.

How does the documentary differ from the book?

The film is meant to ask questions and provoke viewers. But I wanted to go a step further with the book and try to answer some of the pressing questions came up repeatedly during interviews, and provide concrete strategies to help. For instance, I wanted to address questions like “How do I know what I even want for myself when everyone says marriage is the answer?” and “How do I get everyone to stop obsessing about my dating life?” and “What will I do if I need medical help and am alone?”

Invite to Facebook Chat with SEEKING HAPPILY author

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Who? Michelle Cove, author of Seeking Happily Ever After and director of a documentary of the same name, and Jacquie Boas, the lead single woman from the film

What? a live Facebook chat sponsored by and hosted by ChickChat radio host Lara Cohen

When? Tonight! Tuesday, November 9th. 7:30 PM (EST)


Why? To discuss the issues raised in Cove’s book: Are women redefining ‘Happily Ever After’? Why are you single? Unsure if marriage is right for you? Seeking Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now)?

VIDEO: Michelle Cove on the single life

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While it may often feel like our culture is geared towards married couples, 43% of Americans over the age of 18 are single, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  Michelle Cove is helping that single crowd navigate their solo lives and look for love in her new book: Seeking Happily Ever After. Watch her discuss it:

Michelle Cove on The Emily Rooney Show

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Listen to author Michelle Cove on The Emily Rooney Show (89.7 fm WGBH Boston) discussing Seeking Happily Ever After, her guide to navigating the single life and finding love along the way.

Read more about Michelle’s book: Seeking Happily Ever After.


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Just in time for National Singles Week (Sept 20-26)…

From the time that girls get their first Barbie and Ken dolls—or tune into virtually any Disney movie—they know how love is supposed to work. Find a man, get married, and start living happily ever after.

However, the reality is that there are currently more single women living in America than married women and more single women in their 30s than at any other time in history—figures that are only likely to rise with the next census. As filmmaker and bestselling author Michelle Cove observes in her feature-length documentary Seeking Happily Ever After and her upcoming book of the same name, this very real trend and the conflicting fairytale instilled in women from a young age are a recipe for chaos—the mental and emotional chaos that millions of women know as Singlehood.

An antidote to negative dating guides like The Rules and He’s Just Not That into You, Cove’s Seeking Happily Ever After: Navigating the Ups and Downs of Being Single without Losing Your Mind is a practical roadmap to this challenging and ever-more-lengthy life stage. Drawing upon the remarkably candid insights and concerns expressed by the women she interviewed in her documentary, Cove offers a guide to help women:

  • Understand what kind of relationship and partner they truly want
  • Stop putting their lives on hold and start living Happily Ever Now
  • Confront friends and family members who are adding pressure (intentionally or not)
  • Navigate our marriage-obsessed culture

Packed full of informative sidebars, stories from numerous single women, and advice from an author who’s traveled this confusing road herself, Seeking Happily Ever After offers us the tools we need to be happy in every stage of singlehood.

Michelle Cove is the director and a producer of the feature-length documentary Seeking Happily Ever After. She is also coauthor of the national bestseller “I’m Not Mad, I Just Hate You!,” and has written and edited for Psychology Today, Skirt! Magazine,, Women and Hollywood, Girls’ Life and many other publications. She lives in Massachusetts, with her husband, Ezra, and daughter, Risa.

Filmmakers Michelle Cove and Kerry David interviewed single women around the country for Seeking Happily Ever After, as well as experts like Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, author Greg Behrendt (He’s Just Not that Into You) and Harvard Business School professor Deborah Spar (The Baby Business), among many others. The documentary is currently being screened at film festivals across the nation, has been nominated for “Best Documentary” and “Best Female Filmmaker,” and a portion of the film will be featured as part of PBS’s WORLD Multicast ( on the ‘State of Our Unions.’

SEEEKING HAPPILY EVER AFTER • Michelle Cove • Tarcher/Penguin paperback $16.95 / $21.00 CAN • September 23, 2010