Relevant Reads: I Am the Word (2010)

Every Thursday, to celebrate TarcherPerigee’s long-standing commitment to its readers, we’ll be throwing back select backlist titles personally curated by our imprint’s editors, associates and company.

1. WHO:
Brooke Borneman, Marketing Manager

2. WHAT:
I Am the Word by Paul Selig

I Am The Word

3. WHEN:
Published in 2010

I Am the Word is the first work of channeled literature from psychic/medium Paul Selig. I had never heard ofnor experiencedchanneling before being introduced to Paul. It’s far more accessible and relatable than one might imagine.  Although Paul is, essentially, a conduit of the guides rather than the author of the text, his work addresses the same issues as the most renowned self-help books ever published.

5. WHY:
I’d describe I Am the Word as equal parts Marianne Williamson (whom Paul trained with), Norman Vincent Peale, Joseph Murphy, Louise Hay and the Dalai Lama. Exploring such diverse issues as self-love, forgiveness, fear, personal responsibility, energy systems, consciousness, karma, manifestation, self-actualization, spirituality, impermanence, the subconscious mind, affirmations, reincarnation, meditation, and metaphysics, I think it may truly be the most Tarcher-esque book I have read thus far.


– “You create the laws with which you exist.”
– “Ninety-five percent of your exchanges are done on a nonverbal level.”
– “Every man and woman is where they need to be, where they have chosen to be, for the learning they require.”

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