Are You a Fangirl?

We all get excited for a new season of our favorite TV show or have some in-depth knowledge of our most beloved novels. But others of us don’t just get excited–we get obsessed. We’ve seen the “Are you still watching?” button on Netflix one too many times and we’ve posted lengthy diatribes on the Internet defending fictional characters. We get it. Because we’re fangirls.

In her witty and sympathetic new book, THE FANGIRL LIFE, therapist and self-proclaimed fangirl Kathleen Smith–creator of–offers some advice on how to put your passions to use in your offline life, whether it’s learning how writing fan fiction can be a launching point for greater career endeavors, or how to avoid the myths that fictional romance perpetuates. Now, are you ready to find out if you’re a true fangirl. Check out the questionnaire below and don’t forget to also take this fangirl quiz!


Answer the questions below with YAS or NOPE.

  1. Do you experience urges to watch, read, or listen to your fangirl interest?
  2. Do you engage with fandom for longer periods of time or more closely than you intended?
  3. Do you want to cut down on your fangirling but struggle to do so?
  4. Do you spend a lot of time, energy, and/or money in relation to fangirling?
  5. Do you fall behind at work, school, or home responsibilities because of your fangirl interest?
  6. Do you continue to engage in fangirling, even when it causes problems in relationships?
  7. Do you forsake socializing because of fangirling?
  8. Do you find yourself needing more and more input from your interest to achieve the same level of engagement as in the past?
  9. Do you experience symptoms of withdrawal when you are not fangirling?
  10. Do you continue to engage with your interest even when it causes anxiety, stress, or other emotional problems?

If you answered yas to two or three of the questions, you might have a mild obsession. Four to five yases indicate a moderate obsession. Six or more yases indicate that you may need to cut back on the squeeflailing and seek additional tactics for reducing stress and changing habits.

The Fangirl Life is available from these and many other retailers:

Barnes & Noble
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