The Power of… the Holidays

As the year comes to an end, the sudden flurry of the holidays intoxicates us all. We embrace themes of giving and kindness. We reunite with family and friends. And we take a step back to remember the important qualities that are most essential to enrich our lives. Here, we’ve collected a shortlist of books that truly highlight what the holidays mean to us all.

The Power of Kindness 

These days, we are sorely lacking in kindness. More than just a squishy virtue, kindness has the potential to create a fuller and more satisfying life for you and those around you. Let this book show you how simple acts of decency and generosity are enough to change the world.

The Power of Forgiveness

Whether we like it or not, the holidays are often a time to bring family together, but that isn’t always the most comfortable thing if you have tension with a cousin or sibling. By embracing forgiveness, you have the power to heal old wounds, and create stronger bonds than before. 

The Power of Giving

In a season filled with gifts, it’s all too simple to be blinded by the newest gadgets on your wish list. But The Power of Giving reminds us that providing your kindness, ideas, advice, attention, and hope can be far more enriching.

The Power of Receiving

 Now don’t let us convince you that you should forego any gifts this year for lots and lots of giving. Learning how to embrace others’ generosity is not always easy, but can be very fulfilling. The Power of Receiving is filled with inspiring stories to demonstrate that giving is enhanced when receiving is embraced. 

The Power of You

In the midst of all the travel, tradition, family, and fun, your attention is easily diverted from one thing to the next, and you may find yourself sacrificing your mental and emotional efforts away from the one person who needs it most: yourself. This book reminds you that acts of kindness, generosity, and decency aren’t just for everyone else.