The Principles of Prevailing Prayers


The Principles of Prevailing Prayers
by Paul O. Akinpelu

The Principles of Prevailing Prayers as taught in this book will guarantee your access into the hidden riches of God, which is freely available for you to enjoy. Understanding the principles of prevailing prayers will help you to discover all that you desire, which is found in Christ alone.

The author emphasised that before you were conceived in your mother’s womb, God knew you by name. You are not a biological accident. You were born for a purpose; there are divine mandates for you to fulfil and all that you will need to fulfil your God’s given assignment is available. There is no opposition that will be able to stand before you when you understand the principles of prevailing prayers.

It is the purpose of God to lead you to a richer influence and a wider usefulness in life. The storehouse of God is about to open unto you. The principles taught in this book are to introduce the readers to a world of privileges in Christ. The readers will learn how to bring the strength and wealth of heaven down through prevailing prayers.

Are you questioning why there are delays in answers to prayers? Why do you need to engage in spiritual warfare to have your desire? What are the principles that guarantee answers to prayers? Read this book prayerfully and you will discover the answers.