The Read List: The Best Inspirational Reads

Some days, you wake up feeling fine. Some days, you don’t. For those days that you feel down, depressed, and alone, wouldn’t it be nice to have a guiding voice telling you that everything will be okay? Two of our upcoming titles, DRAWN TOGETHER and PICK ME UP, aim to do just this. Both reveal the surprising ways we connect with ourselves and others through series of inspiring images meant to be seen as mini-pep talks. Meant to offer hope during difficult times, these books serve as reminders that we can always find light wherever we look for it. Read on to discover more about these uplifting reads and see beautifully hand-drawn images from them!



Leah Pearlman started drawing comics when her father was sick with lung cancer. This seemingly light source of entertainment became a way for her to express and share feelings of deep sadness and grief, but also moments of incredible love and joy. She continued to draw after her father’s death and found that the more she shared her own truth in her comics, the more people she was able to connect with through them. Thus she created Dharma Comics, dharma being a Buddhist term for “truth.” In this wonderful collection Drawn Together, Pearlman brings you her favorite Dharma Comics from over the last seven years that explore everything from learning to love another person to coping with all the things that life can throw at you.

pg 61_drawn together pg 21_drawntogether pg4_drawntogether


Adam J. Kurtz, the author and illustrator behind 1 Page at a Time, brings us the new interactive journal Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now & Later that pushes reader to create, destroy, and reflect. Kurtz invites readers to leave their mark on the book through a variety of activities, such as one page that asks you to create your own motivational poster, or another that is filled with the letter F that you can cut out and give away until you quite literally have zero Fs to give. Pick Me Up is not meant to be a rigidly followed guide to happiness; instead, it’s designed for readers to turn, and return, to any page at any time in order to get a little dose of joy.

Pick Me Up 1 Pick Me Up 2 pick me up 3


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