Unloved Again: Breaking Your Serial Addiction

Unloved Again:
Breaking Your Serial Addiction
by Elan Golomb


Love can be hell. It is not an accident which moves us to love the wrong person or to hate the right one, over and over again. Most of us remain unaware of how to escape this perpetual cycle of bad relationships.

• Do you continually fall for the wrong person?

• Do you find yourself driving the right person away?

• Do your relationships quickly switch from blissful to tortured?

• Do you criticize unreasonably or find yourself being criticized disproportionally?

In Unloved Again, Dr. Elan Golomb identifies the crux of emotional and psychological problems which underlie love’s repeated failures.

Only in addressing these deep-seated issues can one escape the dance of romantic folly. With this book you will uncover the secret to enjoying a happy and lasting love life.