FUN FACT: Where do collagen injections come from?

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lipsThere are various forms of collagen, some of which can be used to help smooth wrinkles or plump up our lips. Bovine collagen is extracted from the skin of dead cows, sterilized and turned into a liquid. It can be injected into a person’s lips to enlarge them, or injected under wrinkles to fill them out. However, bovine collagen will eventually be absorbed into the body, which is why the effect only lasts about three months.

It is not only the skin of dead cows that can be used to help plump up out lips. The filler alloderm is derived from the skin of actual dead people and can be used to create fuller lips. It is made up of thin sheets of freeze-dried human collagen that can be rolled and placed througheatyourboogers_thumb2 tiny incisions to full one lip or both. It is specially treated to reduce the risk of rejection by the body, and to ensure that it is free from disease. Alloderm has been successfully used for sometime in the treatment of burns. It is also used in penis enlargement treatment, which involves several layers of alloderm strips being placed around the penis shaft to make it thicker.

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