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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, read the heartwarming story of how Whitley Strieber, author of SOLVING THE COMMUNION ENIGMA, met his wife Anne. It’s totally “Aww!”-worthy!

Nine years ago, Whitley and I exchanged Valentine’s on our website. I wrote a diary and he wrote a journal, and neither of us knew what the other had written until we posted them and then–we discovered we had written about the same thing: The time when Whitley first told me about his close encounter experience, and also our joyously improbable first meeting—through an early computer dating service in 1969!


I’d been living alone in New York for about six months and I was LONELY. I opened the Village Voice and saw an ad for something called “Mind Mates.” I sent for the form, and filled out all the pages. When I got a list of names in the mail, all the girls on it had the last names of birds or fish except Anne, so I called her first. I will never forget walking into her place of work. I asked for Anne Mattocks, and, to my amazement, the beautiful receptionist said, “I’m Anne.” Even more, she went to lunch with me. And she was brilliant and fun and, to my amazement, seemed to enjoy being with me. Thus began what has become a forty-two year honeymoon.

When I had a close encounter of the third kind in 1985, it almost ruined everything. I thought that I was going insane, and I knew that Anne would be legally unable to divorce me if I became incompetent, so I tried to get her to divorce me so that she and our son would have some kind of a chance if I ended up in a mental institution.

But Anne absolutely refused to say goodbye to our love affair. In fact, she began using her powerful mind to give me the intellectual support I needed to come to the understandings that I have finally reached. So thank you, dear love, for your bravery and your faith in this wild and crazy man.



When I think back on our marriage of 42 years, what comes to the fore is the time we almost divorced.

This was shortly after what has become known as the “Communion Experience.” Whitley was acting strangely–buying alarm systems and guns, and checking the locks on the doors and windows every night. He started picking fights with me in a unique way: He’d tell me all the bad things about himself, then say I should file for divorce.

Eventually, after he’d had several hypnosis sessions and met a group of other abductees,  he discovered that his terrifying memories of strange beings had a basis in reality. Before this, he’d thought he was losing his mind and he’d wanted me to leave him before he went completely crazy, so I wouldn’t have to go through the agony of committing him to a mental hospital. So when I finally asked him why he wanted me to leave, he said, “I think I’ve been abducted by aliens.”

My response? “Thank God! It’s not me after all!” And I never doubted for a single moment that he was telling the truth. What that truth actually is, though, it has taken the two of us over thirty years to understand, and I am very proud of the role I have played in that effort. We have lived a life at the extreme edge of strangeness, but also in the arms of deepest love, which is the great achievement of our long marriage, and our joy.


You can visit Whitley and Anne Strieber’s blog here.

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  1. Jane Burkett says:

    Beautiful story! I feel like you have both been my friends for years. Unknown country is wonderful! Jane Burkett……….

  2. You know, I was just thinking the other day: “I wonder how they met?” Well, now I know. Lovely story.

  3. larry forgard says:

    Im just a little confused about the timing here. Whitley,you mentioned on your valentines website that you first told Anne about your abductee experience nine years ago. I read your book “Communion”and you said it was in 1985…Since you were married to her for 42 years, I cant understand her not knowing this since you were already married and presumed living together….

  4. JaeNiece Sutton says:

    Dearest Whitley and Ann, Thank you both for all you share. For many years i desperatly needed you both and still do. Now days i do well,and no longer am afraid of the strange moments in my life that i could not find explinations for. You help so many of us deal with our own life chalanges and dificulties. And the conection we are able to have with you both is of great value. That conection helps keep me, and i’m sure many others grounded in a way. Daniel and i have been maried for 36 years, and we too have been through many odd expiriences. Our family members too. Thank you again for all that you give. I think of you often in my prayrs.
    Much love to you both. I read your new book on my nook color, a gift from my Daniel.Thank you for writing it and sharing your thoughts with us. I so agree with alot of what you wrote. There are mysteries to be descovered in the constant merging of life’s creative energies. It’s exciting to be surprized :-] You both are loved greatly and forever. Ty XOXO

  5. Lisa says:

    Anne and Whitley, How is it possible to read your Love Story and feel as if I’m looking into a mirror, a mirror that reflects into the past 13 years of my life?
    Everything you say in your notes, could have been written by myself and my husband. All except the gun, unless a BB gun counts.
    I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am to both for, simply being who you are. I only wish I had known what I do now, 13 years ago. I hope that we can change that for other spouses.
    Thank you Whitley for enduring and overcoming and never backing down from telling your truth, and for loving your courageous wife, Anne.
    Thank you Anne, not that it may mean a lot, and I’m sure you hear this a lot, but I think you are AMAZING! Few people can really understand the mental and emotional fortitude and complete love it takes to withstand being pushed away, even if “They” think it is for our own good. But I do, and I applaud you for never giving up. Love and Blessing to you both!!!

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