Your Word: Conquer Your Entrepreneurial Dreams this Year

The end of the year can be a hectic time. In addition to the holidays, family, and traveling, many of us also get bogged down by dwelling on everything we didn’t accomplish in the past dozen months. Maybe you didn’t take that foreign language class. Perhaps you couldn’t find the opportunity to take advantage of that burst of creativity you experienced after the new year. Or possibly, you never managed to kick start your entrepreneurial endeavor. As 2017 is fast approaching, don’t let your dreams slip through your fingers again!

Entrepreneurship can be scary and launching a new project is daunting, but Natalie MacNeil (She Takes On The World) has the 12-month planner to get you organized and on track to conquer even the most intimidating tasks. Let this be the year you achieve your dreams! CONQUER YOUR YEAR helps you mesh creativity with strategy, fun with getting it done, and passionate purpose with profit, and it all begins with one word. Take a page from Natalie’s powerful planner, think of your one word, and prepare to conquer your year!

Also be sure to check out the companion to Conquer Your Year, THE CONQUER KIT.

CONQUER YOUR YEAR is available at these retailers:

Barnes & Noble
Hudson Booksellers

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