10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered

    10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered
    10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered

    One of the most fundamental aspects of being human is creativity. It is one of the essential characteristics that distinguish us as people and species. To evoke pleasure in creative expression and understanding is the most incredible art.

    There are several ways to demonstrate your creativity to the public and get discovered. Nowadays, many approaches and tools, including social media, can be used to get discovered by implementing a creative process. Creative and efficient Instagram reels and YouTube shorts can be a pretty effective way that people widely use nowadays.

    Here are ten ways that you can use to share your creativity and get discovered.

    • Start Small

    Share your inspirations and what inspires you if you’re still in the early stages. Find one little aspect of your approach that you may share once a day once you’ve completed your day’s task. What that element is will depend on where you are in your journey. 

    Every day, put yourself and your content out there, and you’ll start meeting some incredible individuals. Your skills and experience would help you identify aspects of your life that are worthwhile to share. 

    • It’s Not Very Complicated

    You need some creativity and a medium to express it. Finding your passion sometimes can be challenging, but when you do it, you must work on it and express it publically to get discovered for the things you are passionate about. 

    Discover your passion and use your voice. You should try and share your work and passions if you want others to know about them.

    You can do so through platforms like Instagram and YouTube. You don’t necessarily have to do so through long-form video content. You can use Instagram reels and YouTube shorts to present ideas you are passionate about. 

    They should be concise and easy to process in a few seconds. This would ensure that your idea is conceived quickly and through a popular medium in today’s world. 

    • Examine The Process Rather Than The Result

    A large number of people are accustomed to only seeing the outcome. They never know the aspect of your labor to get the result. We’ve been conditioned to think of the creative process as something that should be kept private. 

    Enjoying the process tends to be more fulfilling than simply thinking about all the possible outcomes. Humans are fascinated by other humans and what they do. By exposing our process, we provide individuals with the opportunity to maintain a relationship with us and our effort, which assists us in selling more of our stuff.

    • Don’t Assume Everyone Understands Things The Same Way You Do

    People are always curious about where things come from, how they have been created, and who created them. Telling tales about something you care about can prove to be beneficial in sharing your creativity and getting discovered. 

    The tales you tell about your work significantly impact how people feel and understand your effort, and how people think and perceive your piece affects how they appreciate it. Listen to fantastic stories that are out there and then go out and write your own. The more you tell tales, the better they will become over time.

    • Figure Out Things That Pique Your Interest

    Find your passion and identify your ambitions to figure out the next steps. Do what you’re good at and connect the dots. If you aren’t ready to share your work with the world, you may share your likes in other people’s work. Some examples are:

    • What do you keep track of? 
    • Who have you admired for their work?
    • What inspires you usually? 
    • What kinds of thoughts do you have in your head? 
    • What do you like to read? 
    • Do you enjoy looking at art?
    • Are there any heroes in your life?

    Your inspirations are all worthwhile to share since they reveal who you are and what you do. Expressing your identity in public can be quite fulfilling and satisfying. 

    • Share Your Knowledge

    Sharing on public platforms and forums can help you enhance what you already know and improve your creative capabilities. The desire to keep what you’ve learned to yourself is not only embarrassing but also harmful. You lose anything you don’t offer freely and generously. 

    Draw attention to helpful reference resources. Make tutorials and put them up on the Internet. You can share your knowledge through multiple mediums, including online and offline platforms.  

    You can consider working on Instagram reels and YouTube shorts ideas to demonstrate your creativity. Help people become better at what they want to be better at. 

    • Don’t Shy Away From Criticism

    Learn to deal with criticism. You need to be prepared for the good, the terrible, and the ugly when you release your work to the public. The more people who see your work, the more feedback you’ll get. Many times, it can be something you are not prepared for. 

    Allow people to point out the flaws in your creativity. Then create more stuff and continue to share it to get discovered by a wider audience with different perspectives. With time, the criticism helps more than it hurts.  

    • Too Much Information Is Not Appreciated

    It all comes down to paying attention to the content that you enjoy. It allows you to connect with people that inspire and affect you.

    You must notice the creativity of individuals if you’re going to be seen for your creativity. Be considerate in supporting creative individuals who inspire you for what you are passionate about. 

    • Don’t Restrict Yourself

    Trying out new things makes us feel worried, but trying out new adventures is an essential aspect of life. Moving ahead, taking risks, and discovering new boundaries are all part of creative existence.

     So, keep yourself occupied. Consider the possibilities. Increase your audience. Don’t limit yourself to “realism” or “not selling out.” 

    Experiment with fresh ideas in an attempt to get discovered for your creativity. Say yes if an opportunity arises to enable you to accomplish more of the job you want to do. Say no if an opportunity offers more money but less of the job you want to undertake. It all depends on you, your desires, and your ambitions. 

    • Be Patient

    Be patient with your journey of sharing your creativity and getting discovered. Every profession tends to have its highs and lows. When you’re in the midst of your life and career, you have no idea if you’re on the right track or what will happen next. 

    This can make you feel worried about the future but be patient, and everything will be in your favor. 

    It’s essential not to give up too soon. The people who acquire what they want are often those who hang around long enough. Being consistent with the expressions you put out regularly can help you get discovered in the long run. 


    Creativity is no longer limited to the realm of artists and musicians. It’s a necessary talent for professionals in any area. Start small but start now so that you can steadily and gradually build a base that could be your dream future.


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