13 Simple and Easy Ways to Give Everyday

Simple and Easy Ways to Give Everyday

Simple acts of kindness go a long way.

In fact, integrating selfless habits in our daily routines are likelier to make a greater difference in our everyday lives. This principle stands at the heart of Jennifer Iacovelli‘s new book, Simple Giving: Easy Ways to Give Every Day (which pubs today!). Iacovelli presents 40 practical and sustainable ideas that place a greater premium on smaller gestures.

Go on and check out 13 simple and easy ways to make a positive difference:

1. Hold open a door for a stranger

2. Allow a busy mom with kids to cut in front of you in the checkout line

3. Let someone take a left turn in traffic

4. Pay for a stranger’s coffee at your local cafe

5. Help an older person load groceries into their car

6. Bring dinner over to a neighbor’s house

7. Deliver doughnuts to the local fire department

8. Pick up trash in y our neighborhood

9. Pay someone a compliment

10. Write a thank-you note

11. Offer free babysitting to a couple or single parent who could use a night out

12. Smile at a stranger

13. Donate used books (in good condition!) to your local library

To learn more, go on and purchase a copy of Iacovelli’s book at any of the following vendors:


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