How To Fix 5xx Server Error Instagram?

How To Fix 5xx Server Error Instagram?

Wondering how to fix 5xx server error instagram? You can try many ways including – updating the application, reinstalling the application, changing the Wi-Fi or mobile network, restarting the device, clearing the cache data, or even opening Instagram on any Internet browser.

Here, we will discuss various ways to fix the 5xx server error and also try to find out why this error occurs. Stay tuned.

What Does 5xx Server Error Mean Instagram?

The 5xx server error is the most commonly occurring error on Instagram. This error primarily appears when Instagram is not able to fulfil requests. The 5xx server error refers to the error code 500-511 and this error is not unique to Instagram. It also covers other server problems. 

How To Fix 5xx Server Error Instagram?

Many social media platforms experienced the 5xx server message as well. And users become way too tired of this error occurring very frequently. It is exactly for that reason we will try to give you various ways to fix this error. 

There are various causes behind different errors. Let us see what actually causes them-

  1. Error Code 500- This error is primarily caused due to server errors such as server malfunction, crashing of server and even server overload from time to time.
  2. Error Code 501- This error occurs when the server fails to process and recognize the request or when it fails to meet the minimum requirement.
  3. Error Code 502- This error might be an error between the upstream and main server.
  4. Error Code 503- This error occurs when the main server undergoes maintenance or gets crashed due to transient overloading. 
  5. Error Code 504- This error primarily occurs when the web server does not receive an immediate response from the upstream server specified in the request URL.
  6. Error Code 505- This error occurs when the web server failed or refused to run the HTTP protocol version.
  7. Error Code 511- This particular error occurs as a mere warning, when Instagram’s server requires network authentication.

These are the various types of 5xx server errors that might be occurring. Now we will discuss various ways to fix this error in this article. 

Ways Of How To Fix 5xx Server Error Instagram?

By now we all know what the 5xx server error on Instagram is, here are 8 major ways to fix the 5xx server error on Instagram. 

Given are the methods-

Method 1- Restart The Application 

This is considered to be the most ideal method to solve this error and this method is even known to solve most users’ problems. In order to restart Instagram, close the app, go to its settings and then clear its cache. 

Now open the Instagram application again and check whether the error is fixed or not. There is a 90% chance that this method will solve the error. In case this method fails to solve the error, you can try the other methods mentioned here.

Method 2- Give Some Time Until Instagram Resolves The Issue

In case others are also experiencing a similar error that you are facing, then it is most likely that the issue is on Instagram’s end and you have nothing to do with it.  In such a situation you cannot really solve this problem and you have got to wait until Instagram resolves this issue on its own.

All you can do is wait for Instagram’s servers to fix the issue or complete the maintenance or update procedure. Once when it is done, the Instagram app will reload on its own and you might even notice a new update or new features.

Method 3- Reconnect To The Internet Connection

Bad and unstable internet connections can many times cause these errors. You must remember that Instagram is primarily an internet-based application. It requires a consistent and fast internet connection. 

So when this error occurs you can try reconnecting to your Wi-Fi or Cellular Data to see if the problem “Instagram 5xx Server Error” is resolved. You need to have a good internet facility for not having this error. 

Also, in case you are in an area where the network strength is extremely low, the wise choice is to move to a location where a proper stable network connection is available. 

Method 4- Try Switching To Wi-Fi Or Reset Cellular Data

The internet connection of Wi-Fi Networks are much faster when compared to mobile data. Therefore, if you are facing a problem with mobile data and a Wi-Fi network is available nearby then try to join that network. In case, that doesn’t happen you can restart the mobile data.

All you need to do is just restart your mobile data by turning on the Aeroplane Mode and then again turning it off. Now you just have to open Instagram and check whether the error has disappeared or not.

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Method 5- Restart The Device To Get Rid Of The Error

This error might also occur as there are many issues that come up with the device. In such a scenario, you are required to restart your own device. Restarting the device is extremely easy. Clear the cache data and restart your device. 

Once you are able to finish restarting your Android or iOS device, check if the application is functioning properly or not. This usually works for most users, but in case it doesn’t work for you can try other methods we are discussing below.

Method 6- Update The Instagram App

This error is also a result of a backdated Instagram App. In case you are using an outdated version of Instagram, then there are definite chances that you might face this error in the application. 

All you need to do is to check or update the application in Android. Go to the Google Play Store and then tap on the profile icon, now tap on My Apps and games. Now you need to check for updates. 

How To Fix 5xx Server Error Instagram?

In case an update is available, you need to update it immediately. For iOS users, open the App Store and then search Instagram and check if you are seeing an option to update it.

Method 7- Reinstall The Application

In case none of these above-mentioned methods actually works for you can try to reinstall the application on your device. 

In order to reinstall the application, you need to uninstall it first. Uninstall the application from your device and move to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store for iOS users.

Now search up Instagram and download it. Now log into the application with your existing account and check if you’re still getting the “Instagram 5xx Server Error”. 

This is most probably going to solve your problem.

Method 8- Open Instagram In The Browser

This should be your last resort if the application on your device doesn’t work after any of these fixes. Open Instagram in any of the internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Fire Fox or any other.

Although, one problem that you might encounter while using the web version of Instagram is that you might not be able to enjoy or use certain features on it but you’ll be able to operate it successfully.

You will also be able to upload posts, check posts, like posts, check reels and other stuff normally on the web version of the Instagram app.


1.How do I fix 5xx server error?

There are various kinds of 5xx server errors and we have listed various ways of fixing this error. You can try any of the following- 

  • Restarting the Application
  • Allow some time for Instagram to fix the issue.
  • Reconnect to the Internet connection
  • Switch to Wi-Fi or reset mobile data
  • Restart the device
  • Update the App
  • Reinstall the Application
  • Try to open Instagram on the web browser.

These are some of the ways you might try to fix the 5xx server error. Although, we don’t guarantee that these methods are going to solve your problem, but these methods are known to be effective.

2. Why do I get 500 server error?

The HTTP 500 Internal Server error response code primarily signals to the fact that the server has faced an unexpected 

a situation which prevented the application from fulfilling the request.

This error is a very commonly occurring error that most users encounter. However, there is nothing to worry when you’re encountered with this error.

Try any of the solutions that we have suggested in the article if the error occurs on Instagram. 

3. How safe is Instagram?

Instagram is a Social Media Platform that poses all the similar kinds of risks other social media pose. 

However, the most common risk that Inst might pose is phishing URLs that can steal users’ data or bring risky viruses to your device.

Stay away from risky URLs and spam users on Insta. And the rest is almost the same as other social media.

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