About us

Gadgets have always been a driving force in everyone’s life and therefore after months of hard work and investment, we came with our very own gadgets-friendly space called Tarcher Books.

Launched in early April 2021, Tarcher books is a space for all those who have a keen interest in learning how to use apple gadgets in and out including all of its inventions and different models.

The motive of Tarcher Books:

The main aim to launch Tarcher books is not only to educate people on how to use gadgets facilely but to provide every tad bit of information on the latest gadget by providing step-by-step guides that are easily available in times of need.

Tatcher books believe that the world runs on technology and this makes it very important for every individual to learn and understand how various gadgets work and how to come out of a burdensome situation in case you don’t know how to use the latest technology.

We believe in not only spreading information on systems, software, products and latest gadgets that sometimes take more time to use and understand but what we also want is our next generation to learn every aspect of technology and make their life easy because our young customers and the new technology are the rising stars of future.

Work Ethics:

Working with nothing but the best has been our sole focus from the start and that is why we have a very highly qualified, dedicated, hardworking, and serious team of professionals behind all the information you see here.

Compromising with the quality is one thing that the entire team of Tarcher books cannot put up with. Therefore, the information presented to you goes through several rounds of inspection before getting finalized for you to consume it.

This process includes:

  1. Making a list of all the latest, most favored, and trending gadgets.
  2. Doing thorough research on which gadgets are more complex to use, what complexity the users are facing and any other task that needs special attention or instruction to be issued.
  3. Collecting data on how to solve the issue, looking out for ways in which a task can be accomplished, and then rectifying its efficiency ourselves.
  4. Making sure all the data, analysis, statistics, and information collected is impeccable.
  5. Cutting down the information into simpler steps so that our readers can follow them easily.
  6. Presenting the complete and intact guides on various gadgets and their usage to our customers and making sure we are always available whenever a customer requires some special or different information.

Our Vision:

Just like there’s no stopping of technology, there’s no stopping of the information we are dedicated to delivering to you.

We believe that our dedication and hard work are the reason why so many gadget enthusiasts have already connected with us and now we are waiting for you.

You can connect with us regarding any suggesting, help, or support you want from Tarcher books by mailing us at: manisha.puri88@gmail.com