Cross The Digital Divide with Mark Bauerlein

Cross The Digital Divide with Mark Bauerlein

With The Dumbest GenerationMark Bauerlein emerged as the foremost voice against the development of an overwhelming digital social culture. But his new book (out in September), The Digital Divide, doesn’t take sides. Framing the issue so that leading voices from across the spectrum have the opportunity to weigh in on the profound issues raised by the new media – from questions of reading habits and attention-span, to cyber-bullying and the digital playground — Bauerlein’s new book takes the debate to a higher ground.

The book includes essays by Steven Johnson, Nicholas Carr, Don Tapscott, Douglass Rushkoff, Maggie Jackson, Clay Shirky, Todd Gitlin, and many more. Together, they create a work readers can use to truly get a handle on online privacy, the perils of a plugged-in childhood, and other technology-related hot topics.

Rather than dividing the book into “pro” and “con” sections, the essays are arranged by topic—“The Brain, The Senses,” “Learning In and Out of the Classroom,” “Social and Personal Life,” “The Millennials,” “The Fate of Culture,” and “The Human (and Political) Impact.”

This timely and definitive volume cuts through the clamor and presents the best writings from each side of The Digital Divide. It will empower readersto make more informed decisions about the place of technology in their lives.



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