How Can You Delete Apps On Firestick

How Can You Delete Apps On Firestick

Do you know how to delete apps on firestick? If you want to delete apps on Firestick, you should use FireStick Settings Menu and Firestick App Library. 

It is a streaming Media Player containing thousands of apps. But the issue with firestick is that it has only around 8GB of memory for FireTV Stick, while for FireTV Cube, it is around 16GB. The space is not sufficient in recent times. Apps are getting larger in size for the features included in them. 

How to close apps on firestick? If you continue installing apps, when the storage is full, notifications will appear in front of you regarding the issue.

The article is for you whether you have used FireTV for a long time and have installed multiple apps but don’t know how to delete apps on Firestick. You can learn here how to delete apps on firestick. 

Why Delete Apps from FireStick?

How to delete apps on FireStick is a hot question nowadays. These are a few reasons you might want to delete apps from their Fire TV Stick.

1. To Free Up Space for Other Apps:

It has limited storage. Therefore, if you have installed multiple apps but don’t need them, you might face a shortage of space for apps you really need. Logically, people delete the apps which they use rarely. It helps them to install other apps and make space for an OS update.

2. To Clear App Data & Cache:

How Can You Delete Apps On Firestick

Most people don’t clear cache and app data which they use frequently. They usually uninstall apps to clear the cache and reinstall them. This trick can help you to solve other technical issues also.

3. To Fix App Malfunctions:

A few people delete apps and reinstall them to eliminate the problem. If you constantly experience app crashes and slow processes while using specific apps, you should delete and reinstall them to solve the issue.

Have you encountered responsiveness, slowdowns, or crashes in a few apps? Then, you should perform deletion and reinstallation to check if it can return the apps to the functional state. 

4. To Speed Up their FireStick:

Like fixing app malfunctions, you can uninstall additional apps to improve the performance of a FireStick. If you use a device loaded with multiple apps, it will work slowly.

The reason is that no free space will be available for the OS to work properly. When you delete apps to clear the storage of your Amazon FireStick, you can make the space required to operate your device.

Thus, you can get better performance. However you can experience reduced buffering, but a slow internet connection can cause it also. 

5. To Getting Rid of Bloatware:

Firestick contains a few applications by default, and we know it as bloatware. If you aren’t interested in the bloatware, you might want to remove it to create space on the device.

Thus, multiple FireStick users can delete the bloatware easily.

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Steps How to Delete Apps From FireStick

Do you know how to delete apps from firestick? Here is how to delete apps on FireStick. If you want to delete apps, you should use the first advanced method. This process can ensure that no data from the app will be left. 

If you want to delete an app on firestick, you should follow the second method. It might or might not leave some app data on your device. Hence, it depends on the app you have uninstalled.

Method 1. Delete Applications Via the FireStick Settings Menu:

How Can You Delete Apps On Firestick
  • Your first task is to choose the settings gear on the display’s right side.
  • Then, you should tap on Applications.
  • Next, you need to scroll down the page to open Manage Installed Applications.
  • Now, you can see all applications installed recently on the Fire TV device.
  • Choose the app you are willing to delete. For example, you can choose the app AOS TV.
  • Once you choose the app to delete, a bunch of options appears. Hence, you should choose Force stop to close the app if it’s running.
  • Scroll down and tap on Clear cache.
  • After that, tap on Clear data.
  • Tap on Clear data again to ensure to delete the app’s data.
  • Then, tap on Uninstall.
  • Finally, tap Uninstall again to confirm that you are removing the app from your device.

Performing the process ensures you can delete the application’s cache and data from your FireStick. If you are unsure about the app’s cache and data, use this first process. 

Method 2. Delete Apps Via The FireStick App Library:

Follow the steps if you don’t want to perform extra steps to delete apps. 

How Can You Delete Apps On Firestick
  • First, choose the three-tile button on the display’s right side, adjacent to the button for settings.
  • You can now see pinned and used apps on your device. Sometimes, you may not find the app you want to delete. In such cases, you should choose the last tile called App Library to see the complete list of your apps.
  • Move to the app you are willing to delete, but you should not choose it. Hence, hit the options button on the remote with three horizontal dashes.
  • You can see a menu appearing on the display’s right hand. Scroll down to choose Uninstall.
  • The FireStick can prompt you to confirm the action. Then, tap on Uninstall.
  • At last, tap on OK to delete the app from the FireStick.

More Information On How To Uninstall An App On A Fire TV

If you uninstall apps from the Firestick, it will help you to remove them from the device only. Whether notifications appear in front of you about storage issues on the Firestick, you should try eliminating apps to free up some storage easily.

While scrolling through the app’s list you want to uninstall, you can see details about the app size. If you try to free up storage space on a Fire Stick, delete other bigger apps. 

Some third-party file manager apps, such as ES File Explorer, can give you an alternative process to free up internal storage space on the Amazon Firestick device. It can offer a method to remove unused apps and uninstall many apps simultaneously.

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1. Can you delete preinstalled apps on Firestick?

You can delete pre-installed apps in multiple cases from your Firestick. If you want, go through the steps to delete applications from the device. Hence, first, you need to navigate to Settings.

Then, move to Applications, and Manage Applications, respectively. Then, you should choose the app and tap on Uninstall to remove the app. If you don’t find any Uninstall option, removing the app from the device is impossible.

2. How do you get rid of unwanted apps?

Navigate to the Google Play Store app and hit the profile icon. Then, you should move to “Manage Apps & Devices” and choose to manage. Click on the app you are willing to remove and tap on uninstall. Like Apple, it is possible to tap on an app to find the option to delete. 

3. Is it better to disable or force stop?

If you perform a force stop to an app, it helps to solve the issue if the app is misbehaving. However, you can reconsider before hitting that button. 

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